A session with Patti is like nothing you will have experienced before. She appreciates the story as a blueprint but reading intuitively your energy of what is not said is the emotional nuggets she will process for you.  A typical 90 minutes session with your participation explores the shadow-self free of judgment and clarity to reveal the unknown blockage, limitation or pattern holding you back. As to how many sessions you will need depends on several factors. Patti has experienced two decades of abuse being dissolved in one session, the effects of trauma being gone in two sessions and a fear of spiders going back to a unresolved childhood abuse trauma. There is a very special alignment emotionally and spiritually with the soul’s decision to release the baggage, the pain, sadness or anger. But, then again, your subconscious has sought Patti out so something is shifting as many circle this website for three or five years before being ready to face demons, monsters in the intimate act of vulnerability, love and courage a person could experience. Patti knows when a person is ready and will meet them in that sacred space of surrender.

If you would like to ask any further general questions regarding the session please email here. Prior to your appointment you and Patti will chat outlining what you want to come to the session with and leave without. You and Patti will then bounce back emails including a history blueprint of the story that keeps perpetuating itself, or events in your life you feel have contributed to where you are today keeping you stuck, sick, limitation or a hostage of your mind or your body. Due to Patti’s down-to-earth approach and energy most people are ready to release the cathartic email even things they have never spoken of before are sent .You already know your own history, the patterns, reoccuring characters and maybe the core cause of your issue, problem or trauma but have not found the person ready, willing and able to handle you going there to let it go finally. Patti’s method before the session is like four session in just the exchange with her personally going over history and getting really clear what you are coming with and leaving without. She energetically reads your history unearthing things you never saw before or considered but what your heart cannot say in words. Patti only corresponds directly with the participant due to the intimacy and depth of the work unless they are under 18, in hospice or incapacitated.

  • What times work for you best, what is your schedule.
  • What exactly do you feel is the issue, repeated pattern, blockage or limiting belief holding you back.
  • What are you coming with but want to leave without.
  • Bullet points, or narrative of life events you believe are milestones contributing to your current circumstances, dis-ease or abundance.

Once the session time is booked participants go through a gamut of emotions from excitement to fear, this is normal. Your subconscious already allowed you to make the appointment but it also knows its D-Day for holding onto things that maybe so old, so scary that you don’t know what life looks like without it. Take some deep breathes, connect to your heart and be thankful you are ready to go there. Patti creates an energetic safe space for you to go where you need to let it go. The first sessions with intake is 90 minutes, $350 and are available in person in West Hollywood or via Skype/Zoom. To book a session with Patti click the link here.

All appointments must be scheduled by same person attending the session unless incapacitated, in hospice or under 18.

You can read some common Reiki FAQsEFT FAQs and Testimonials on our website.

Participants are asked to eat lightly before the sessions and bring a large bottle of water drink during  and post session preferably with electrolyte water. When we let go of old belief systems, limitations or break through realizations the pineal gland can dehydrate more rapidly which causes headaches.

If you are interested in learning about the Pause in Joy program please click here.