REIKI SESSION A Reiki Session is said to feel like rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul lasting 90 minutes. Stepping out of your physical reality to immerse into an ocean of tranquility and pure consciousness. As recipients can enter delta states of brain activity, deep stillness and relaxation calibrate the energy centers of the body to balance and harmonize the body’s intelligence.
  It is not only what happens on the treatment table but the 72 hours post session that begins to unravel any further restoration and recalibration.

EFT SESSION (in person or skype/zoom available) An EFT session with Patti is said to transform your life as decades long issues and blockages dissolve as you focus on what you want to come with and leave without. A brief concise blueprint, or history of patterns, blockages or overview of information relating to the session is exchange with Patti prior to working together. If you would like to read more about the session please click here to An EFT TAPPING SESSION. All EFT sessions are 90 minutes to disengage any egoic protection, or psychologically reversal preventing your healing or letting go of core issues haunting you for decades.

COMBO EFT & REIKI SESSION Depending on the issue, aspect or trauma the EFT Tapping begins first followed by a full body immersive Reiki session. The Reiki session will be carried out first if any trauma is recent or you are still suffering from intense PTSD, shock or surgery. If any trauma is current and you are unable to articulate the words or speak them aloud Patti’s extensive experience will navigate you through the formless with the same benefits.

All appointments must be scheduled by same person attending the session unless incapacitated, in hospice or under 18.

First-time sessions are $350 and subsequent sessions are $300. Sessions are 90 minutes.

There will be an email that will be sent on booking session and must be received 48 hours prior to the session or the session will be rescheduled. Expect correspondence to coordinate the appointment time with Soffeah.

Contact: For any further questions not covered email
Book a session with Patti: Email
What to wear? Be comfortable and as casual as you like.
How to prepare? It depends on the individual. Patti asks that you abstain if you can from alcohol or any recreational drugs 48 hours prior to a session. You are asked to eat lightly before and bring a large bottle of water to ensure hydration post treatment for your car journey home.
What to expect: Once your session is booked participants go through a gamut of emotions from excitement to fear, this is normal. Patti creates an energetic safe space for you to go where it is you need to go, to ultimately let it go.