screen-shot-2020-03-04-at-10-24-31-pmIt is the unknowable moment that is different in every human being, “why was this the time to change, to shift and to take the leap of faith?” And the answer is always the same, “because it was time!” Patti’s unique unpacking protocol developed over 20 years carefully and mindfully maps out the session for you both to utilize your time together effectively . This deep excavation, delayering and unpacking is for those already or ready to know the patterns, repetitive scenarios and personal traumas contributing to behaviors, limitations or diagnosis.

Her intensive email exchange with each participant may take a few days, weeks or months depending on the participants own self-inquiry thus far. Some participants know exactly the conception of their behaviors, their patterns and proclivities as well as the fears/rage/resentments or PTSD running your life. Others are newer to their process and may need more time to unpack but they know they are to collapsed and eliminate what is holding them back or blocking their life. Knowing you are ready to “go there” is a deeply spiritual and personal space that Patti meets you in, in your time not hers.  This is a very intimate and sacred space thus appointments must be made by those participating in the session unless the person is incapacitated, in hospice or under 18.

All sessions are 90 mins.

The initial intake including extensive email exchange with Patti is $450. This will begin gathering history and unpack the blueprint for the session so that your time is used effectively dynamically tapping on what are the key aspects to be collapsed and released. All  subsequent sessions are $300 (90 mins).

DYNAMIC ENERGY TAPPING SKYPE/ZOOM SESSION All online sessions are 90 mins, please download the apps prior to session.  Online session have the same effectiveness as all in-person sessions as Patti connects energetically to your field as you will mirror her dynamic energy tapping and by tapping on yourself following her lead. Please ensure there will be no interruptions or distractions from either phones or family in the same room during a session. Patti has performed emergency tapping session of participants in their cars, in parks, on set, locked in cupboards and at the top of mountains. Please have tissues and water on hand as well as a notepad for anything you wish to jot down during the session.  Turn off all phones and landlines to mute. Please send Patti your Skype name prior to your session so that she can add you and test your camera/audio is working. If this is not working shutdown your computer and restart as it usually reconfigure the pathway. All zoom participants will be sent a one time direct link to the meeting with password.

REIKI  SESSION A distance Reiki session is when energy is sent through time and space using entanglement theory for a full body treatment, or to business meetings, negotiations, projects pitches. Patti has sent Reiki for many years to many mothers in labor as well as the transition of loved ones either in the present or past that remain unresolved. Participants may either use skype/zoom or just their phone during the session. It is not only what happens on the treatment table but the 72 hours post session that begins to unravel any further restoration and re-calibration. Sessions are $300 for 90 minutes.

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How to prepare your space? For all zoom sessions Once the session is set up, Patti sends a detailed email of what she needs at least 48 hours prior to the session, if you need more time the session is rescheduled. Eat lightly and refrain from caffeine prior, drugs or alcohol and bring a large bottle of water to ensure hydration.