Patti has followed Celtic tradition of forming gatherings for nearly 20 years here in Los Angeles. She has consistently offered monthly Reiki Circle‘s for her students to gather, practice and support their practice. She also offers Reiki Shares quarterly for Pi Joy students to practice on one another, ask questions and share insights from their own practice.

A Reiki Circle is are anyone to join whether you are a practitioner of Reiki or you just in-joy receiving some well needed boosts each month. Patti brings the Pause in Joy philosophy alive bringing her unique Celtic lineage of energetic circles and creating a vortex of energy unlike no other. Take what you need and cast away what doesn’t serve you to embrace the truth of your incarnation – You came here to experience your Joy anything preventing that whether ancestral, cultural, or societal belief’s are dissolved and replaced.

The first part of the circle is a tuning sometimes just back to yourself before you can even think of feeling your Joy! This focus on re-coding or activating your truth, your abundance, your Joy through bypassing anything preventing this is overcome and outcreated in the circle. Our eternal habit to forget how glorious we are, how much we have to give, how incredibly simple it is when you are in the doing and not the thinking is our remembrance in this circle of intent. Each tuning will reactivate your body’s natural intelligence to heal itself and embrace what you have known forever. Each circle produces an experience of its own special energetic vibration, everyone brings their own uniqueness that can result in epiphanies, a deep sense of connection to your higher self as well as the ability to stay longer pausing in your Joy. The second part of the gathering is to send energy through time and space to loved ones in need, to your ancestors, world events causing you concern, to projects you wish to uplift, to our environment while we share our collective energy potently. Many bring photos of friends in need to place in the circle, projects they are working on and anything symbolic to infuse with the high vibration we are connecting to at Pause in Joy. Due to many of Patti’s students being all over the world she has created a zoom link for those to connect monthly and benefit from the energy gatherings.

Pause in Joy Zoom link, password sent on Signup :

With over 300 students, Patti’s Reiki Shares provide a unique space to¬†deepen their practice and work on each other’s limitations, blockages and empowerment. Each Reiki share offers student’s Reiju empowerments and 3:1, sometimes even 4:1 Reiki sessions of 15 mins each. Not only will we be tapping in, we will be experiencing each others ways, insights, psychic surgery from some Masters attending as well as Reiju empowerments.