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Starts: 07 February, 2017
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Instructors: Reiki Patti
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The backstory has been healed, accepted and glitches integrated to reestablish your superposition and complete the trinity of past-present-future energy alignment.  The integrated awareness of presence to choose the superposition of future possibilities as the patterns dismantled and comfort zones dissolved for optimum trajectory. Nothing is holding you back, no excuses and nothing to blame as the meticulously chosen milestones from Reiki II are now the archetypes of the to invision. The quantum energetic integration of past-present-future trine is now complete for the multidimensional journey to complete.

Reiki III is Reiki Masters Practitioner offers students the energy of the Master symbol without FULLY INTENTIONALLY COMMITTING to teach. At least 30 days preparation prior to class is required for your metaphysical presentation to deliver to the inspire and uplift the community.  You will learn to intone all of using the ancient art of the Kotodama,  channeling energy through sound to activate your alignment deeper to emanate the vibration outwardly. The outside world will now reflect your inner world and vice versa world as the clearing and cleaning process through the hall of mirrors is polished and completed . Each symbol will open your mind to the elements dimension as well as  the heart opening gateway used in healing attunements. You will learn the ancient technique of psychic surgery to remove blockages, obstacles, pain, limitation and physical obstructions to release energy feeding physical, mental and spiritual bodies in conjunction with Dynamic Tapping.


  • Transmuting the narrative to propel the story forward.
  • The art of Ho’oponopono while deepening compassion through the Hall of Mirrors.
  • Receiving the Master attunement to gain lightness of being
  • The Mastering all four energetic streams to use in a treatments, healing attunements and psychic surgery.
  • Performing and receiving Psychic Surgery using Reiki.
  • Intoning the Kotodama.
  • Learning the ceremony of the Healing Attunement.
  • Mudita Meditation
  • Presenting a Metaphysical Talk, Interactive or Workshop (20-30mins)
  • Certification post completion of commitment to six Reiki Circles.

Class duration is 3 days from 10am-4pm.

Please email your Reiki Master with any question in regards to Reiki III and to receive the preparation work at least one month before class begins. Your presentation to the Pause inJOY community will be 20-30 minutes on any metaphysical subject close to your heart or even closed to your heart. This presentation is without limits and is yours to write, deliver or perform as audience participation is up to you. Be original, be bold and know your audience is open to your connection, your vision and your knower.