December 5, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
1030C Montana Avenue Santa Monica
CA 90403


I am so excited to be at Cocoon on the Westside, finally, this coming week for our intimate evening of “going there!” You know, that space you don’t go alone but you know you need to go and sometimes even don’t know is in there – but we are doing it together in this beautiful supportive, sacred space created by Amanda. For many years I kept the workshops within Pause in Joy as those that knew what they were signing up for, knew, but the Heal Documentary has changed many things. Foremost, it has changed peoples willingness to go there, really there and face it, face it down and honor facing the fear that we often skirt around but not me – I love that space – it’s real, it’s authentic, masks are off and it’s love.

I have been teaching an energetic form of the “tapping technique” for over a decade, connecting into Spiritual Consciousness to go deeper with a courageous heart and facing your fears, hurts, limitation not as obstacles but as rites of passage to heart expand. That is what we will be doing on Thursday, we will be heart expanding to be more courageous in 20/20 as we admit what we need to  dump, what we need to release and who or what needs to be relinquished. This is a rare opportunity to release everything you know is holding you back and weighing you down so lets do it together.

The specific energy we create together during this workshops will allow you to go to places you don’t normally go alone, or maybe ever. This is the alchemy of the soul that I have witnessed  transmute people over two decades from veterans with PTSD, sexual traumas censoring life’s, sabotaging creative blockages, all forms of traumas and those with terminal diagnoses. Thursday is going to be a powerful, fun evening of pure Spirit so know that we will be Pause to injoy  each other fully and with true empathy. The evening will be a sacred space as we tap into key acupressure points using the borrowing effects of the collective group consciousness to burst through all your glass ceilings, un/known fears and inherited programs running your life.

Please sign up below as space is limited and we will be
Wear comfortable clothes.

1030C Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403