November 21, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Greatfull Gratitude Workshop @ Zoom
This will be the second and final run post-pandemic of Greatfull Gratitude before its release. Two prior the pandemic and two post just to keep things balanced, stable and grounded with the complete number four. I had received a message and many students asked me to do a not-so-surface dive into gratitude the Spring of 2018. If I was going to do a gratitude book and workshop then we were going deep into gratitude through ingratitude, finding our unawareness and what exactly was gratitude.  A few weeks into the first workshop the untimely deaths of both Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade rocked so many of us and gave us all pause to reevaluate, be vulnerable and allowing ourselves to love life where we were at.

These next four weeks we will explore a post pandemic world to explore gratitude, what it is now that it wasn’t then. We will Dynamically tap & embody gratitude by acknowledging the blind spots of ingratitude that disconnect us and dilutes our manifesting abilities. Staying in our powerful mindset while acknowledging the chaoticness of the world is an energetic emotionally intelligence superpower we are going to need. This active practice was not only an active interfacing with consciousness but changes in the neuron-pathways of the brain began to take hold. This four week dynamic gathering asks – if you think you are already grateful enough then this is not for you but if you know you can go deeper and improve your gratitude then this is what the doctor ordered. Get out your head and drop into that feeling heart where the courage is: 

  • Identify & Excavate what taking for granted really is.
  • Dynamic tapping to transform and change behaviors dramatically that our outside world will mirror our inside experience. 
  • Commit to practicing this immense topic that can seem so obvious in ways that open door within you to the Divine Consciousness.
  • Explore ways to go beyond any limits of your gratitude by tapping into the force within you
  • Affirming these deep practices at a core level that creates the shift needed to enrich your nowness. 
Who doesnt want to be in a field of gratitude always as its not enough to recite four things your grateful for before bed but live in ingratitude the rest of the day. I look forward to not only Bringing you the beginning of a topic so overlooked but delving into the very core of being greatfull through exercises, affirmations, exclusive meditations and of course Dynamic Tapping technique combined with energetic awareness to dissolve any limit, smallness or blockage to your blessings.
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