January 14, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
{ PA U S E } inJOY Youtube Channel


It has been a long time coming but that is a story in and of itself.  Over a year ago a phrase similar to this one came to me but just wasn’t quite right. So I waited! It leaned in an energetic direction that would not capture the essence of what this is ALL about. Real genuine people, just like you, who have been there, some in tough jams ready to drop some gems to inspire you. { P A U S E } inJOY peeps have agreed it is time to stop with the secret blessings of this work and if it helps one person then that’s all we can ask for. Time to share the work, the navigation, the tools and who better than Ani a new { P A U S E } inJOY Reiki Master, lawyer, mom of four and all round badass that is going to uplift you. As most of you know I love IG LIVE but I am going to launch this on Youtube to start with as it has always been a platform I love to hack anything ( those black marks on your car, magic erasers) and everything; so why not life. I am going to do some test lives prior as the best way to learn is in the doing as we go. Thank you to everyone already volunteering as we will freestyle the format to heart harmonize than strategize.