July 27, 2020 @ 11:11 am – 11:41 am
Phenomenon Experiment IG Live - Part 2 @ @pauseinjoywithpatti

We are you to take it slow, steady and grounding this month transforming us into June with four weeks of dynamic tapping. Many of you have studied with me, had sessions with me or witnessed what your heart felt in Heal Documentary. Those of you that messaged me after Heal telling me you didn’t even know someone could tap on you rather than self-tap was mind-blowing. While others relayed how they felt they had never reached that deep with tapping session before but now know what’s possible.

You are right when you said there was something else going on in that tapping session and you are about to experience it as well. You are about to know it, acknowledge that presence every time you tap-in and know yourself like you never knew before. The Foundations of tapping are fairly simple but what is not simple is the willingness to go there, to unveil what is really going on, feel that intimate safety with yourself and others to utter the unutterable. We are going to get real, real with each other in the middle of a global pandemic and what a blessing we get to be in it together. I am super blessed you have chosen me to go there with, as you recognize something familiar, something safe that only the knowing knows, something fearless that resides in you and it mirrors from me to you. So, lets unveil that scared space you witnessed and learn these foundations for a lifetime of expansion, transformation, empowerment and living the joyrich life you came here to experience. We will be tapping together on real-life moments, real breakthroughs and real emotional waves that we are going to have to ride this month, so what better time than to grab your canoe and lets go down the rapids together.