November 19, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
534 N La Cienega Blvd
Pause in Joy with Patti


NOVEMBER 12th + 19th + 26th 3X Magical Tuesdays

As the Big Picture Manifesting Workshop was a huge hit and Mercury Transits on 11/11 we are going to tap revisit old ground, refine communication and correct any decisions that can take things to the quickening. We will be tapping into a FEELING that was shown to me by William the Cat at Rosslyn Chapel, a feeling of fullness, a feeling of fulfillment that we will go to through WONDERMAKING.

Once again There are five types of un/conscious manifesting that are available to you and we are about to use all of them simultaneously. Wondermaking is not just a word made up but an actual process we will be using that is going to bring everything up for you deliberately in real time. You know you can do all these workshop about the theory of living the dreamlife but when it actually begins to happen that is where the true work is. All the limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors or shutdowns are right front and center and there is no safer space that in class to tap away real stuff, in real time with the realness of living IT. We are not going to analyze it, we are going through it and out the otherside to prevent any sabotaging, to prevent any old programs sneaking online and live life as gloriously as spiritual consciousness intends you to.
Smashing your upper limit problems of subconscious sabotage
Ascension of the plateau
Attracting the feeling of fulfillment while heading toward the fear
Release and facing fear based beliefs around success, money, love and health
Erasing judgments of others and yourself
Allowing the JUDGMENTS to live fully and in grace
We will be going there to that place of allowing to see what is brought up in the unknown as we dig up the comfort zone garden that is not working anymore. We will grow comfortable with the jealousy field that inhibits success to true connection as you find the grace and the courage to go beyond its reach . This unique gathering will be insightful, experiential and powerful that will take you from the theoretical to applicable to launching into orbit. We will be using real life scenarios to tap in and create profound change for the revelation of new opportunities and the acknowledgement of your own dreams so prepare to go there.
The alchemy of life to transmute the soul to gold
Untether, break, disguide all agreements that hold you back knowing or unknowing
Get honest with yourself to let go of anything weighing down the launch
Strengthening your connection to be certain, be full and be true to what is calling your soul
Deepen your trust to the consciousness to be what you know from the inside emerging outside
Investment for 3 Tuesday nights $333
(25% OFF PiJoy Students)
Crystalarium, 534 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, 90046