Your active participation is required in 2018!

Happy New 2018 Year of the Dog! I wanted to give you time with Monday’s SuperMoon as the potent energy is best experienced rather than narrated. The SuperMoon on the 1st with a Lunar Eclipse bookending January 31st, taking us deeper into silence, the divine feminine, the subconscious as the nothing awaits your response. All distractions are amplified now and excuses will sound like echo chambers in the master number 11 oversees 2018 bringing us to soulgaze with our own reflection.  There is nothing to say, defend, excuse or narrate; only jumping into the process of your honest emotional intelligence telling you what’s next and you trusting that. The master number 11 is two pillars just like the pause symbol inside the Joy and you get to choose what these pillars represent for you, or you need in your life right now. Maybe the pillars are you and a loved one, perhaps you and a teacher, you and the Universe, or the pillars courage and faith, abundance and joy, truth and love – whatever you need them to be choose two and polish them daily. The duality and the doubling effect will intensify to push you, or pull you away towards the best results, either way less resistance is advisable whether its a push or a pull – go with the flow. Our singularity in the flow will constantly be in duality of how we relate to another as we see unseen triggers, unknown insecurities and fears to overcome, as well as the love we can show, the collaborations we can create and the beauty we form together – How we respond will be our response to life itself as it will all be relative to your life itself.

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