Hi there, lets in-joy Spring!
First off, I would like to take a moment to thank you all for sending Reiki and prayers during Angel’s transition. I will be posting a blog of his journey if you care to read on the website this month as it was not only how he practiced in the community during meditations, sound baths but exactly the way “he” wanted it with full emotional diving in. How we respond to change/death, whether that change be perceived, computed, analyzed as positive or negative is an opportunity to practice your response/ibility. When the change/death/renewal/rebirth is perceived as good our responsibility is to acknowledge the forces, the ease and mental choices made prior to its creation and that practice is gratitude. When the change is perceived as negative our response/ibility is to acknowledge the forces, the ease and mental choices made consciously or unconsciously and remain in the same practice of gratitude acknowledging the pain, the turmoil and sadness as this too is how much we love. Practicing gratitude of being able to be present, to be able to tune in, and give Angel what he needed allowed me to be present and complete with his passing. We chanted, I encountered a wolf at Ralphs that told me what to do and crow came. He wanted one last walk passed seven barking chihuahuas to practice his zen neutrality and say goodbye, this one was the toughest as he balanced on my yoga trap, he loved the wolves howling and Simrit Kaur singing Guru Ram Das.