Rei-ki in the West is commonly referred to as a healing tool but here at Pause in Joy it is a transformation to live your life in the highest vibration of one’s own living Joy. Sounds easier than it is as we are not hard wired to live fully, abundantly, joyfully in our bliss without dropping the ball, or so we think. Rei- is the Spiritual Consciousness Energy in union with the human -ki which is the equivalent of prana or chi, a simple enough word, with a complex system linking your internal biological innate pharmacy with mindfulness and your souls mission. Reiki an unique individual experience meeting your aspirations, your health, your crossroads as the emergence of your soul now decides.

“If I can describe Reiki to you, I do not know it, but if I cannot describe Reiki to you, then I know it extremely well. We are like fish in water unable to see the ocean of consciousness but Reiki tunes us in, turns us on to be fully alive.” – Patti Penn 

Science now realizes our physical well-being is a combination of our emotional and spiritual homeostasis . Less stress is a healthier immune system but first you must consider the stressors in your life and how you allow yourself to be at their mercy.

Together both Rei + ki create a source of healing that balances the body’s natural energy system to flourish and emerge. Reiki is harnessed and channeled through the practitoner’s own bio-energy system directing life-force energy from one consciousness to another. One could say, Reiki is the bio-photon emission from one organism to another, emanating light to balance this complex system known as the mind, body and soul connection. Reiki is for all those wishing a direct experience with cosmic forces, planes of existence and the Unknown directly.