10″ Galactic Citrine Sphere with Abundance Rainbows


This spectacular Natural Citrine Sphere from Brazil is overloaded with Rainbows. Small pieces of Iron and Tourmaline speckle the surface in between a flurry of rainbows contrasting a smokey wonderland on the other side of this impressive crystal to reveal more rainbows of light.

This Natural Citrine Sphere is looking for someone with the heart and zeal to create abundance in every part of their life with no compromise of one for the other. Someone that wants to live boldly as well as live privately, a person who shines in the spotlight of their profession as well as in-joying anonymity with their family. This Sphere is for those wanting it all with no need to compromise one for the other but balance each sphere of the your life the way you choose.

Source : Brazil

Weight (lbs) : 80

Diameter (in) : 10

Additional Information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 10 in