The Selfie

The Selfie


Oil on Belgium Linen, 44″ x 44″

Time stops for no man, or woman. Our Eternal Spirit of the flesh can be captured but in celebration of Life After Forty a portal opened and this Mandala was born. As we all come through the fire of the Maya to enter this dimension and take form as pure spirit is a reminder of the – I am.

Its transmission is now captured in a life-form of oil and Belgium linen constantly emanating a discharge of elector-magnetic energy to heal, transform and expand the viewer.  We are all an event in time and space that can never be recreated, never me mimicked and never be duplicated as we are all unique, divine and filled with dreams, talents, skills and treasures. Lets all share with one another.

Dimensions (in) : 44 x 44

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Dimensions 44 x 44 in