The PAUSE IN JOY philosophy teaches everyone to bring forth the hidden treasure buried within us all.  Through applying Reiki beyond the western conventional healing, Patti Penn created practical maps guiding individuals on their unique journey of living their joy spiritually.  This energetic technology, emotional intelligence combined with age-old principles in today consciousness produce singular revelations to live a rich joyous wholeheartedly life.

Each map guides, enliven, tune in and turn on aspects of your soul you didn’t even realize were dormant, or even dead. Each level of the Reiki course delivers a closer alignment to living in spiritual integrity, flow, abundance and self-love. The decision to live life fearlessly, authentically and unapologetically is easier said than done. Patti teaches each individual to understand and listen to their emotional intelligence through the empowering techniques dissolving any obstacle or limitations with tapping (EFT) while establishing subconscious allegiance.

Defragmenting old behaviors, unraveling inherited beliefs and liberating ourselves from socioeconomic limitations is a detox for the mind as the reintroduction of joy is the rehab for your soul.



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