Blessings to you this Spring,
What a beautiful Holiday weekend, happy Passover and Easter as well as New Year in many cultures. This month we will take advantage of this Aries New Moon as Mercury goes direct which will teach us the significance of gravity to our decision making process. To embrace gravity as an element in your decision making process we feel the energetic lightness and denseness of our choices as long as the set point is neutral. New moons always teach us to be intuitive as there is no light shining the way into the unknown only our own connection that will be amp’d with both our Reiki Circle and New Moon being held inside the famous Los Angeles store, Crystalarium. I wanted to amplify the energy so thousands of crystals are about to be our woofer booster just as I found the twin eggs in my back garden Easter morning with a hummingbird nest, our Pause in Joy totem is tripling energy.

The missing piece in all decisions is gravity, rather than understanding the gravity post decision called consequence, connect by being present. Through that connection ensure the choosing of choices is less motivated from lack or fear and more motivated from your contribution to life, to humanity and to bringing joy. This emphasis is important as fear can connect you to choices that are scapegoating yourself from what you truly must receive. This month we will be moving towards one of my favorite Celtic Festivals known as Beltane the balance between Spring and Summer when the seeds are vulnerable to frost and other elements we usually scapegoat the crows, the foxes, coyotes but what if they are inclusive. This votive ceremony of walking between the lucky fire gave offerings to acknowledge the scavengers while asking for an abundant harvest. Our place of balance is only balanced when the full spectrum of what is, is taken into account. With success will be jealousy from others, with joy will be how you can be of service, with focus will be others wanting your focus, with peace of mind will be offering of hope to others with none. If you don’t acknowledge the outer edges of the spectrum because you don’t like it then its a narrow sense of joy. We do not need to deny suffering and pain of others to accept our privilege here in the West, while we do not need to deny our joys to assist in the suffering and pain of others as we are all in it together. This month is going to be expansive, explosive, exponential so please ground yourself, take hikes, try new yoga classes and come to Mandala Yoga April 15th for a screening of Heal. As much as I “think” everyone knows about Heal documentary I met two old students last week that hadn’t heard about it at all. Please continue to spread the word ad nauseum, as we may know the message but so many do not and Eva was a perfect example of someone who had no idea of the possibilities.