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Students for April
This month, we have lots going on, the fabulous Ali Blake will be playing acoustic at the
Viper Room
April 6th, 10:15pm. 
Biba West Hollywood is launching her skin care and is my Skin Guru but be warned she is booked way, way in advance. 
Stef is doing her Reiki II and is an amazing massage therapist the only person I have touch me energetically and is the bomb at 
Lisa Cirincione’s movie will be featured at the Newport Film Festival called Porcupine at end of April hope to see some of you there. 
And of course my beloved tantra teacher Dawn Cartwright is always doing courses in Sant Monica for those of you wanting an amazing scholar as well as guide in the Tantrika world. 
Cameron Cohen the eye-lash extraordinaire uses non-toxic, no formaldehyde glue with natural ingredients but again she is booked in advance.



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Webcam video from August 1, 2014 2:26 PM
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Hi there,

My trip to Sedona is slowly processing the many messages and give aways that can only be described as WOWZA. The unplanned trip unfolded with ease as the mental impressions led the way to vortexes, Ayurvedic messages/food while keeping us away from the commercialized bazaar of Sedona. I am so grateful to the immense connection that has guided me thus far but now things must take on more acceleration as we plateaued.

There is an old story of Navy Seals that have the “40% Rule,” which is about 99% of people who start marathons in the United States finish them. An astoundingly high number considering the pain and turmoil that every marathon runner faces. Each runner hits a wall where their mental resources are exhausted, or so they think. At this point, sheer physical will maintains their strength – but it is the MENTAL will or as I like to think of it as the WILLINGNESS to give more, be more and share more that kicks in. I know that feeling when you say you have given it everything you have got but what if that’s your ego copping out. What if you told yourself you were full of shit and you are willing to give more because you are only at 40%.  That’s the message I got in Sedona folks time put the foot down, lift off and into Orbit. This month is time where great strides can be made especially after the eclipse season of March. But be vigilant the Mars/ Saturn energy wants to distract you with competing combined the defeatist doubt of what’s the point I’ll never going to make a difference or the favorite of the ego, it’s too late.
We are all in this together; so lets flourish together. The greatest shift is coming this Tuesday so be ready that’s why you must focus on your own path as the pull of others be will be through conflict, arguments, comparison and other Mars retrograde conjunct Saturn drama. Head down!

If you decide that you too are working at 40% and you wish to pursue more Joy, more gratitude and connection to ease, then climb aboard. If on the other hand you feel any resistance to giving more, or following a path mapped out – I humbly release you from any energetic cords karmically, or otherwise and offer you the freedom to pursue your own summit. Just as I value luck, ease and flow because I know the unrecognized intelligence behind those silly words some value struggle, chaos and proving themselves just the same. Obviously, there are many of you who climbed the ease to Joy by let go of your story, struggle, cravings of recognition to connect to your Joy and we are going to tell your stories now. That’s right Soffeah will be hosting webisodes relating your stories of your Journey to Joy, the reality of your struggle, embracing your fears, trusting your inner listener and following the way. If you would like to take part in this fantastic series to tell, to uplift, to inspire and to perhaps share for the first time in your life please contact Soffeah she would love to hear from you.

All of you have been such a gift in my life as I have been your witness of your immense shifts, transformations and wonderful contributions to the collective consciousness of Joy. I have seen people reincarnate in the same life, I have seen those go from the street to abundance, from shame to flourishing and now it is time to sharing the Pause in Joy method globally. Over the next few months we are about to go into Orbit as all of your questions, all of your energetic contributions to the books over ten years have created maps that guide, inspire and change people’s lives.

Thank you for being dedicated to the collective energy of Joy!

Don’t think I forgot our word of the month, it’s Humility

and I always loved C.S. Lewis when he said, Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. We are going to need lots of that this month as the comparison will be epic and extremely spiritual driven. Be true to you, focus on your own sh** and BE YOURSELF everyone else is taken.

Love and Light Patti
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E-F-Fridays Emotional Freedom Friday LIFESTREAM

April 8th, 6.30.00pm – 7.15pm PST 


EFFridays is a look for those starting with Emotional Freedom Technology/Technique or Tapping as it is sometimes known. My experience with tapping began in 2002 in Scotland as it was popular amongst pro-golfers taking 3-4 strokes of their game. But, I saw a greater need for this amazing technology, yes I like to think of it as a technology as it taps into the bodies intelligence to heal itself to overcoming the fears that hold you back.
This will be a monthly to begin with collective group and sometimes an individual look at the clearing of our boundaries that limit our experience, abundance, joy and love because we are not hard wired for pleasure so almost everytime sabotage before it is about to happen (sound familiar). Being great is who you came here to be but with all the programs

from cultural, family, society and just stuff you have picked up along the way from living in a society dogged by fear, insecurity, jealousy and comparison these aspects can be debilitating.

This event will not only dig into your soul for you to be unshackled, given the keys of the kingdom and set free on your journey to being the best version of yourself without your story holding you back. On the contrary your story is about to catapult you into orbit as we have a collective conscious expansion to reach tipping point and bring more Joy into the world.
Zoom meeting: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Password: surrender
Or iPhone one-tap:  14086380968,785840609# or 16465588656,785840609#
Or Telephone: Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)   Meeting ID: 785 840 609International numbers available:


April Abundance Meditation w/ Soffeah  

Every Thursday, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th

6pm-7pm online (ZOOM)

As April springs upon us, we dive into the abundance of possibilities and new cycles. It’s time to begin and sow seeds for birthing of new ideas, projects or even a new you. Germination of new seeds requires that there is abundance in their nurturing. Join Soffeah in connecting with Goddess Laxmi (Luck-shmee) who is an energetic expression of Abundance, Prosperity and Fortune.

Mantras are deeply connected to the vibrational essence of the so
und generated and it’s repetition transcends one’s chatter mind state to stillness. We will recite the Laxmi mantra 108 times and meditate with the intervals of silence that gives birth to sound and the sound that gives meaning to silence. When you initiate something with the vibration of abundance, it multiplies in magical ways in this energy space continuum. 
The Journey to Joy w/ Soffea
Youtube webisodes
Soffeah is embarking on another Joy and she will be hosting a new interview talk show  The Journey to Joy. At the core of our being everyone wants to be happy and live a joy full life. Each one of us has a unique path and a story to tell. Tune in to the Pause in Joy Youtube channel to listen wonderful stories from people as we unravel their personal Journey to Joy through this in
credible journey. Joy inspires Joy, bringing more Joy at
it merges with the oneness of Joy. 
If you are Pause in Joy student and would like to contribute your Journey to Joy, please contact Soffeah at to schedule an interview.




Reiki Tuning & Joy Circle  
April 10th, 6.30pm-7.30pm
Our Reiki gathering will bring our community to the next level of support. Due to the increase of students for these amazing teachings the Reiki Tuning and Joy Circle will be a student focused gathering to work on increasing
our alignment, energetic surgery, empowerments, attunements and shares. Depending the planetary activity and what the community needs each gathering will produce its own creative energy workshop.  This Journey
to Joy will allow for your to re-code to receive more Joy without the
auto-safe of the ego kicking in to sabotage or block you in a
myriad of ways. 


Each person will receive their tuning as well as their own unique message that comes through that they will meditate upon post circle. This space and opportunity that has been created over ten years by this community is now going into orbit as the amazing healers, creatives and way showers get to practice on each other. We are here to bring forth more Joy but first we must defragment the tendencies and programs that can be in your way. Please bring your totems of projects, business cards, headshots, photographs, vision boards that you are out of alignment with to have a visual connection that allows you a greater focus for your intent.Each individual attending will receive the gift of a one-to-one healing attunement by one of Pause in Joy’s amazing Reiki Masters. This divine space of supercharged intention can clear blockages, form clarity,

increase empowerment, release toxins that are no longer relevant.

If you have experienced Dr. Emoto’s work with the water crystals we will
be using the Hado in the form of the Kotodama. This ancient art of intoning is not often taught in Reiki but Pause in Joy is fortunate
to bring forth this tradition. Each circle produces its own special energetic vibration, everyone brings their own uniqueness that can result in epiphanies, a deep sense
of connection to your higher self as well as the ability to stay longer
pausing in your Joy.
1200 S Windsor Blvd, LA 90019
Vedic Birth Chart Learning Astrology Forecast  for Second Quarter 2016 w/Soffeah
Sunday April 17th, 5pm-7pm, Online Zoom
Soffeah learned to read her own chart and will teach you how to know what is coming in the forecast for the year ahead. This is a four part series, so contact Soffeah for your vedic birth chart generation if you do not already have one at 

(Please include your date of birth, time and place).

The first three months of 2016 was in preparation for what is coming for the rest of the year. There is our 2:4 Mercury retrograde and Mars and Pluto are going into retrograde as well and more Supermoons to come. Soffeah will guide you in understanding how these cosmic events.

translate for you personally based on your chart. To me astrology is making friends with the planetary energies, and syncing ACTION with TIMING in ALIGNMENT with your true self. Everything in this universe is there to help you only if you are willing to tap into its WISDOM. We will connect with this WISDOM using Reiki, tap away any unwanted energy patterns with EFT and meditate for downloads from the supercomputer.

We will go through understanding further concepts in astrology (your sun, moon, ascendant), explanation of the zodiacs, houses, the planets and their specific energetic expressions, cosmic events in every quarter, cyclical events (full moons, new moons), Major celestial events (Eclipses, retrogrades, trines, conjuncts, global sacred events, solstice).


Investment: $44 for new signup, $33 if you have attended a previous series and have your birth chart already from me.
Telephone: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 272 215 429
International numbers available:

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Online Reiki Circle w/Soffeah  
@ ZOOM April 19th, 7.30pm-8.30pm
As our Joy connection is getting more powerful the community is going through a rapid transfiguration.  Zoom Gathering gives the community the opportunity deepen, expand and remember the teachings to push further. This is when we do it, no time to stop, tap on the go, no time to procrastinate, tap in and expand. Double the doing, efficient time expansion
 and most of all doing what you need to do when you need to do it!!! It is very easy to drop your practice and if this has happened get back on the wagon and go-go-go! 
I will be guiding us all through a visualization meditation as some students seem to have amnesia and forgotten the teaching of their own energy source. We will then, send Reiki to aspects, years incomplete with a little EFT for the vibration of that week cropping up. Fortunately we have each other and I look forward to seeing more of you leap forward to where you should be and you know it.
If you are feeling that you do not want to do this then its an indicator of your own resistance and/or if you think you do not need any help this is pride. Either way if you wish to stay where you are at then our work is complete and accept where you are at and wondering why you don’t have what you want in life.
Suggested Donation: $20 

Artists and Creative Sound Bath Circles

by Colette Falla,
Reiki Master
Friday, April 22nd, 7pm-8.30pm
I am so excited as Colette Falla after six years completed her Reiki Masters with Pause in Joy as she becomes the next generation of Joy Bringer. Colette will be focusing on Artists and Creatives guiding them to bring forth their joy and be the light. Colette received a full set of singing bowls for Christmas as she will help us transcend while she awakened someones kundalini with her first one goodness knows where this will go. 
Each person will receive an empowerment to connect you further and faster to the Source of your own unique creativity. Once back to awakened consciousness journaling or drawing i

s advised to capture the moment that will unfold even after you leave. This level of surrender to make space for the genius, epiphany, story, music or new thought to drop in is uncontrolled, trusting and of course magical.  We will close our circle with an release of fears and placing our creative journals in the center to collect the magical energy now tapped into.

Colette will be offering Private Sound Baths for Vision Questing and Journeying. For further information email Colette Falla at 


Suggested Donation $20

Address will be sent to all those attending who join the event on Facebook. Like us on Facebook



5 Weeks Every Monday

April 25th, 7.30-9.30pm


Welcome back, or greetings to another Magic Class XIII. I have wowned-up the energy of this class eleven times in the last year and it is time to reveal it to everyone but be warned it quickens your reality of making the magic happen whether you are ready for it or not (I was told by someone to put that as a disclaimer as she was not ready for everything all at once).  These next five weeks are especially special to me as the last Monday is the second anniversary of my Shaman’s passing eight years ago and trust me he was Big Magic, we will be tapping into that!

For those of you who have not done this magical happening before welcome and if you feel inclined to invite anyone please make this just for you and don’t bring a human crutch.

These classes have been so successful to those attending that sometimes they cant even attend as they manifest right in the middle of class the record deal, being on set, meetings etc. Many people have manifested and continue to manifest in this experience time a

nd time again and some find it too much as things becomes super fast and that is why we delay what we want. People are moving in with partners, manifesting dream jobs in San Fran, on set, pregnant, art shows and unable to attend class because its happening. Now that’s abundance and a great manifesting class when you cant attend as the things you are vibration are happening.We do not even get into what you want its all about alignment.

This turn will be much different than before as I bring forth the Hermetic teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. This group of high CREATORS understand that if it comes into your mind you are creating it, Buddha. There are some very good CREATORS coming, TIME TO GET YOUR GAME ON and NOT only raise the bar but be in alignment with the bar of your own being.  There is always something about a secret, it has an energy all to itself and we are going to use that to build our DREAMS into REALITY.

This HIDDEN gem of magic is going to tap in to the abstract, the unknown and the mystery. Mystery and Magic are the highest forms of intelligence and we are about to access the technology, so get ready. The power held in the hidden is very much akin to the UNKNOWN opportunities, love, abundance held in the MANIFESTED. There are NINE levels in the unmanifested as opposed to four bringing forth manifestation. How much harder would you work, how earlier would you rise if you knew all the gifts hidden in the unmanifested world waiting for you to rise to the occasion. Well this class is in the UNMANIFESTED WORLD and your invitation is signal that other things exist in the nothing for you, but are you going to do what you need to do to bring them forth.

Working as a collective consciousness will be more powerful than before, more focused and dynamic. So lets put two hours aside each work to plug in, dive in and release and remove limitations to embrace having ALL of your dreams come true.
Love and Light

Master P

GIFTING: $333 for 5 weeks of utter magic!
  Learn the Reiki Path to Living your Joy 

Be the change you want to see in the World starts with you!

This healing, spiritual path, journey, way I have created is based on the Hero’s Journey to know thyself be true. As it is only once we clean our own personal individual energy that we connect collectively in oneness for the betterment of humanity. So why should you bother doing any spiritual work?

Well for one, you didn’t come here to be an accountant, bra sales person or mechanic; you came here to bring forward the treasure that lies within you and perhaps you don’t even know what that is but don’t you think it is work exploring, because I do!

For me to make you, your own Hero I’m going to push you, be the bad guy, be the good guy, be the villain, be the loved one, be whatever you decide you want me to be for you to reach for your greatness. Ever notice how people go around looking for Guru’s to disappoint them and then they find the ones that do disappoint them, bingo you were right and got what you wanted. Now what, did the ego win another delay to do what you need to do when you need to do it? That’s just another barricade to loving, devoting, giving yourself over – You see a Guru doesn’t do it to you, a Guru is only there to shine light on what you are not seeing, being and ultimately cease your game of hide and seek with yourself. Peek a boo, I see you and that can be scarey, relieving and vulnerable – Ready to be free?

Pause in Joy Reiki Books available prior to class. Reiki III and Masters will be discussed with Patti directly due to the work need to prepare.  
If any of these dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.  Reiki Master Teacher Training, please email for appointment to discuss application.   

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Reiki I
Re-Membering your Light 
LA W/Patti April 10th, 23rd or 30th (1 Day)
Long Beach, w/Soffeah, April 23rd
Maryland, w/Soffeah, April 9th, 8am-2pm

Reiki One teaches awakens that they are energetic beings having a physical experience. This awakening of energetic alignment to the subtle bodies re-establishes a discernment of the mind, body and soul connection to everything. This infinite unified field of CONSCIOUSNESS taps you into the the grid of our own healing, knowing, empowerment and self-centered peacefulness.

Focusing on this subtle life-force energy that underlies everything gives each student the opportunity to shift anything in their life before it manifests physically.

The possibilities unveiled reveal a new world with new creative potential liberated from fears, anxiety, procrastination, undisciplined apathy and jealousy. Each student has a different journey as each person’s TRUTH is revealed to them uniquely. The path of living your fullest life is in your own hands as the self-healing modality is only a small part of a larger journey to the THINKING problem that plagues society.  

 Class Duration: 1 day

– Includes Pause in Joy Reiki I workbook to be read before class

-Vegetarian Lunch Provided
If any of these dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.  Reiki Master Teacher Training, please email for appointment to discuss application. 

“Choosing your Reiki Master is part as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself.”

– Patti Penn

Reiki II : The Conscience Becomes Conscious

April 16 & 17th, 2 days w/Patti

April 2nd & 3rd, 2 days w/Soffeah

Reiki II is at least 30 days post Reiki I as students know when they are ready for this level as a specific aspect will rise from the consciousness telling me you are ready.  This level of Reiki at Pause in Joy is known by students’ as the #gamechanger. It is for students wishing to forge a deeper connection to this powerful energy by clearing past/present/future fears and limitations and connect to their own inner listener, guidance and live a full rich abundant life..

Reiki II is considered professional practitioner level. You will learn to use three separate Reiki energy streams not only via symbols but acute awareness of vibration. Symbols only focus your intent but it is the reservoir of energy behind a symbol that is your connection. The symbols connect you fast to the unified field, while another calms and stills the emotions and lastly, to send energy through time-space.

As this level is practitioner level, Patti believes to heal yourself or others one must start cleaning your own house unresolved issues will only come to the surface to amplify their release. Reiki II unveils an awareness that has no room for blame, or excuses but identifies addictions, emotional tranquilizers and all personal distractions that have impeded your evolution to your personal greatness.

You will learn to liberate yourself from eons of THINKING small, thinking in self preservation and most of all thinking in lack from a fear based mentality.  As we sending energy to every year in your life the transformation will reunite you to the person you always knew you had the potential to be.

    * Discuss exercises presented in Reiki II Book
    * Subconscious becoming conscious and using affirmations
    * Recognizing your own awareness and emotional tranquilizers
    * Visualization meditation and attunement to Reiki II
    * Drawing and connecting to the meaning of all three symbols
    * Giving an emotional treatment using your intuitive scanning
    * Receiving an emotional treatment
    * Collapsing your own fears and limitations.
    * Sending distance Reiki to two designated recipients using proxy items

* Planning and implementing sending Reiki back to every year in your life for 30 days (Must Journal)

* Learning Emotional Freedom Technique with Reiki to clear and cleanse sending Reiki back and collapse aspects as they surface.

Class duration is 10.00am – 4.00pm, 2 days

-Includes Pause in Joy, Reiki II Book

-Vegetarian Lunch is provided


Current Reiki II Students: 2nd Full Day CLASS REFRESHER

Current Reiki II Students: Learn EFT to send Reiki back 2pm-4pm

Reiki III : The Conscience Becomes Conscious

May 7th & 8th

2 days: 9am – 6pm

Reiki III is a future trajectory from Reiki II as the patterns, predictability and comfort zones are dissolved. As each Reiki II student meticulously chose personal milestones to send energy back to in Reiki II these milestones were limitations to a personal vantage point invested in the story and identity held with it. Reiki III, is an energetic experiential journey of no linear absolutes but transforming into a multidimensional journey to create future possibilities from no preordained past patterns.Reiki III is the practitioner level of Reiki Masters allowing students the use the energy of the Master symbol without FULLY INTENTIONALLY COMMITTING to teach. Reiki III embodies a level of seva to the community to GIVE and partake in Reiki Circle with no personal attachment to the fruits of your action. A commitment to participant in community Reiki Circles for six months gives you the opportunity to experience holding the space for 6-8 individuals within the attunement process and calibrating to the energy you are tapping in to.

In preparation for Reiki III, one month before class, two very distinct versions of one life will run in parallel to then melt into one dynamic story. This level all symbols are unveiled, new forms of connection through the sound of the Kotodama, breathwork and physical kriya practices. Your commitment to embraced your TRUTH offers an opportunity for you to PRESENT to the Reiki community a 20-30 minute metaphysical presentation on any subject close to your heart. This presentation is without limits, and is your creative connection to fear, doubt and doing it anyway.

March 26th & 27th

Changing the story

Using the archetypes to transform

Creating Visualization Meditations

Connecting to Master Symbol

Performing and Receiving “Psychic Surgery”

Intoning the Kotodama.

Learning Attunements

Identifying Needs and Wants

Your Metaphysical Presentation (20-30mins)

Creating your own future possibilities through Creative Vulnerability