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Webcam video from August 1, 2014 2:26 PM

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Hi there 
I must first apologize for the lateness of the newsletter but I was compelled to finish the new Reiki III book and so much new information came through the past two weeks it was difficult to break free but when you are on a roll, writing, sleeping, writing, sleeping you need to roll. When I went to the printers this week Joseph reminded me on how the books have expanded over ten years and made me think of each new addition, each question from you my students that added in a sentence or a paragraph. When you decide to create something nurture it, watering it, sleeping on it and being patient is what is needed the most for it to have the foundation that are needed.

You see, I don’t teach Reiki for you to heal some sh** you already manifested from the past. I teach this Spiritual Path using the levels of Reiki for you to live the greatest life possible with tools to slay all your stuff, all the programs and saboteur, why skipping along in-Joy. Unfortunately, when you decide to be a Rockstar, (that includes anything you want to rock at) you do not decide to be an addict, depressed or paralyzed by fear – no – that stuff comes along with the territory but you need tools and support from yourself and a guide to get through and never deny its happening.


This Venus Retrograde still has a few weeks left and I am sure you have felt its grip as value, love and money have all had the dance. The hidden aspects have come up a lot and surprises, not totally being able to get to the core of what it is that is blocking you, frightening you and paralyzing you is a great tool for the cosmic forces to make you wake up further and this is when you need to be out of the box with moving through this one as Venus is not going to make it easy, she is retrograde and has withdrawn the love.
Why is someone creating conflict were there is none, why am I running around down de-valuing my time for your stuff, why should I allow you to insert yourself into my project for no reason,  why am I feeling bulldozed and where is the love people. They say the devil is in the details and if something is getting too detailed watch out for the ambush up until Sept 6th.

Where is the love people? You see, I don’t teach Reiki for you to heal some sh** you already manifested. I teach Reiki for you to live the greatest life possible focused on here and now with the tools to slay all your stuff why skipping along in Joy. Well, my love will be at Bar Lubitsch on Aug 24th, 9.45pm as my Reiki II student bravely transitions from dancer extraordinaire to Singer extraordinaire. There is always beauty in seeing others leap for their dreams to happen and love is the support of those dreams. So, if you want to have more love or support in your life, show it. 

Currently, I am working bringing all the peaces of the the puzzle together and I look forward to sharing it with you very soon. Your love is always appreciated as we go forward in a new chapter but first we need to cut the sh** and I include myself as always in that statement.

Love always!


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Mark Taper Amphitheater Reiki Circle 
TreePeople Coldwater Canyon Park 
Sunday August 16th 10.30am – 11.45pm

(Next Month Sept 20th New location TBA) 

Our community Reiki Circles are for ALL whether you practice Reiki or not. This will be the first circle in LA for the last few months since we have been traveling to Joshua Tree and Idyllwild so I am excited to be in our gorgeous city and love the TreePeople. It is an opportunity to plug in to a conscious community and use what you already know, whether it is the teachings of Abraham, Louise Hay, Marianne Willliamson or your own practice; this gathering is a sacred event where we get to work on the subtle energies.

Our Reiki Circle is in two parts. The first part consists of a beautiful guided meditation to create a sense of peaceful calm for our energies to gentle build together. Each individual attending re
ceives the gift of a one-to-one healing attunement by one of the program’s Reiki Masters. This serene space of meditation can clear blockages, form clarity, increase empowerment, release toxins that no longer serve you. and induce change.

The second part of the Reiki Circle is to send energy utilizing the group’s energy since the healing attunement. This massive unified healing energy is transported through time and space to our families, friends, projects, dreams, businesses and aspirations. Participants bring photographs of loved ones, vision books/boards, head shots, scripts and yes I have even had dogs in the center of the circle to symbolize our intentions. Students attuned to Reiki will hold the energy for those not attuned, as a chorus of AUM’s fused with the Kotodama transport our intention of healing. Each circle produces its own special energetic vibration, everyone brings their own uniqueness that can result in epiphanies for some, clarity for others with a deep sense of connectedness to the ocean of consciousness.


Address: 12601 Mulholland Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 


Reiki Joy Transmission
Every Monday


Each Monday at 8.08am a Reiki Transmission of Joy will be beamed from Patti on the Joy FM frequency. For those students wishing to make this a regular sadhana please join me with 5 Tibetans Rites Yoga, or your own personal practice as we sit together connecting to Mudita (Joy).

Mudita (Joy) traditionally is used with compassion and is vicarious Joy. 
Mudita encourages charitable and social work but including compassion (karuna) as the inspiration for it, their marriage is undeniable. Mudita also prevents compassionate action from being scarred with a condescending or patronizing attitude, as this can be repelling and hurtful to recipients. Also, when active compassion and unselfish joy get together, works of service do not feel dead and routinely indifferently. Indifference, listlessness, boredom are said to be the ‘distant enemies’ of mudita. They can be vanquished by an alliance of compassion and unselfis
h joy. You will feel free of dualistic thinking and action, you will feel enhanced at be part of the whole and you an oneness with the ALL. In fact you will be LIBERATED.

This will be a continuous transmission every Monday even if you do not choose to join in the transmission will still occur. Just as our great Sun the giver of life rises every morning whether you decide to observe it or not. Just as opportunities exist even if you do not know.   

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Reiki I  

Re-Membering your Light 

Reiki One teaches awakens that they are energetic beings having a physical experience. This awakening of energetic alignment to the subtle bodies re-establishes a discernment of the mind, body and soul connection to everything. This infinite unified field of CONSCIOUSNESS taps you into the the grid of our own healing, knowing, empowerment and self-centered peacefulness.

Focusing on this subtle life-force energy that underlies everything gives each student the opportunity to shift anything in their life before it manifests physically. 

The possibilities unveiled reveal a new world with new creative potential liberated from fears, anxiety, procrastination, undisciplined apathy and jealousy. Each student has a different journey as each person’s TRUTH is revealed to them uniquely. The path of living your fullest life is in your own hands as the self-healing modality is only a small part of a larger journey to the THINKING problem that plagues society.  


Class Duration: 1 day

August 24th and 30th 

– Includes Pause in Joy Reiki I workbook to be read before class

-Vegetarian Lunch Provided 


If any of these dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.  Reiki Master Teacher Training, please email for appointment to discuss application. 

“Choosing your Reiki Master is part as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself.”

Patti Penn



Reiki II : The Conscience Becomes Conscious

Reiki II is at least 30 days post Reiki I as students know when they are ready for this level as a specific aspect will rise from the consciousness telling me you are ready.  This level of Reiki at Pause in Joy is known by students’ as the #gamechanger. It is for students wishing to forge a deeper connection to this powerful energy by clearing past/present/future fears and limitations and connect to their own inner listener, guidance and live a full rich abundant life..

Reiki II is considered professional practitioner level. You will learn to use three separate Reiki energy streams not only via symbols but acute awareness of vibration. Symbols only focus your intent but it is the reservoir of energy behind a symbol that is your connection. The symbols connect you fast to the unified field, while another calms and stills the emotions and lastly, to send energy through time-space.

As this level is practitioner level, Patti believes to heal yourself or others one must start cleaning your own house unresolved issues will only come to the surface to amplify their release. Reiki II unveils an awareness that has no room for blame, or excuses but identifies addictions, emotional tranquilizers and all personal distractions that have impeded your evolution to your personal greatness.

You will learn to liberate yourself from eons of THINKING small, thinking in self preservation and most of all thinking in lack from a fear based mentality.  As we sending energy to every year in your life the transformation will reunite you to the person you always knew you had the potential to be.

    * Discuss exercises presented in Reiki II Book 
    * Subconscious becoming conscious and using affirmations 
    * Recognizing your own awareness and emotional tranquilizers 
    * Visualization meditation and attunement to Reiki II 
    * Drawing and connecting to the meaning of all three symbols 
    * Giving an emotional treatment using your intuitive scanning 
    * Receiving an emotional treatment 

    * Collapsing your own fears and limitations.

    * Planning and implementing sending Reiki back to every year in your life for 30 days (Must Journal)                                                                                     
     * Learning Emotional Freedom Technique with Reiki to clear and cleanse sending Reiki back and collapse aspects as they surface. 


August 22 & 23rd 

Class duration is 10.00am – 4.00pm, 2 days   

-Includes Pause in Joy, Reiki II Book 

-Vegetarian Lunch is provided


Current Reiki II Students: 2nd Full Day CLASS REFRESHER

Current Reiki II Students: Learn EFT to send Reiki back 2pm-4pm  





Reiki III: Walking the Dharma
Reiki III is a future trajectory from Reiki II as the patterns, predictability and comfort zones are dissolved. As each Reiki II student metic
lously chose personal milestones to send energy back to in Reiki II these milestones were limitations to a personal vantage point invested in the story a
nd identity held with it.  Reiki III, is an energetic experiential journey of no li
near absolutes but transforming into a multidimensional journey to
create fut
ure possibilities from no preordained past patterns.

Reiki III is the practitioner level of Reiki Masters allowing students the use the energy of the Master symbol without FULLY INTENTIONALLY COMMITTING to teach. Reiki III embodies a level of seva to the community to GIVE and partake in Reiki Circle with no personal attachment to the fruits of your action. A commitment to participant in community Reiki Circles for six months gives you the opportunity to experience holding the space for 6-8 individuals within the attunement process and calibrating to the energy you are tapping in to.

In preparation for Reiki III, one month before class, two very distinct versions of one life will run in parallel to then melt into one dynamic story. This level all symbols are unveiled, new forms of connection through the so
und of the Kotodama, breathwork and physical kriya practices. Your commitment to embraced your TRUTH offers an opportunity for you to PRESENT to the Reiki community a 20-30 minute metaphysical presentation on any subject close to your heart. This presentation is without limits, and is your creative connection to fear, doubt and doing it anyway.  

    * Changing the story
    * Using the archetypes to transform
    * Visualization Meditations
    * Connecting to Master Symbol
    * Performing and Receiving “Psychic Surgery”
    * Intoning the Kotodama.
    * Learning Attunements
    * Identifying Needs and Wants
    * Your Metaphysical Presentation (20-30mins)
    * Creating your own future possibilities through Creative Vulnerability

Dates: Sept 5th and 6th

Class duration is 2 full days from 8.45am – 6pm
Including Reiki III Book
Lunch Provided

We need volunteers to receive reiki.