Pause inJOY Reiki I

For Admission

Starts: 17 June, 2016
Duration : 1 Day
Instructors: Reiki Patti
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This first attunement to Reiki is re-membering you through tuning in and turning on of the light that already exists within you minus the dimmer switch through the attunement process of Reiki. Who am I? Know thy Self! To thy self be true were the noble endeavors of self-inquiry to be living not only the your best life but an authentic one. Some deviate so far from their center as they were never shown their life’s compass or traumas destabilized their entire system, as truths can be hard to see when inherited program bought into over the years overrides everything.

This level is all about untangling of your energies with others, a clearing of our energetic field to know, to be and to become more of that, that is. This may sound self-evident but how many times do we know intellectually what we should and could do but go against our self. This re-connection resets the system of our health physically, our mental harmony and spiritual tracking system to remember the mission we came here to live. Your tuning is unique to you and practicing tuning in as well as keeping your channel clear sounds self-evident but it takes time. Policing boundaries, being coerced, manipulated and people pleasing begins to melts away as not only will you wake up but the truth of who you are begins to emerge. This level is you discovering you, the unique essence you have already known but ready to reveal, the joys that are within you waiting to be released while reestablishing healthy relationships authentically.

Sometimes we spread ourselves too thin, over-extending our energetic reservoirs by depleting the reserves and running on empty – just to be liked. Your new sense of life-force reserves and the spiritual conscious energy awakens authenticity an empowered you to live the full rich life you came here to experience. Re-uniting the mind, body and soul principles in practical terms expands the consciousness to fulfill the secret dream, the suppressed knowing and vision within. To have this Reiki energy on tap, as you tap into the grid of spiritual consciousness energy you will begin a journey to pause in your joy; to take pause in your healing, to pause in your knowing and through this simple giving/receiving confidence commitment to a discipline easily and joyously. Refocusing our balance between the subtle life-force energy as well as the dense energy of matter presents opportunities to shift, align and capture the abundance of health, well-being and prosperity with more ease and joy to come to you. Your intuition will become more acute as a larger spectrum of possibilities reveal themselves delivering new creative potential as fears, anxiety and procrastination are not running the show. You are also about to integrate specific systems that sabotage you, have the truth revealed in regards to your own mind chatter and turn on your determiner of energy withdrawing from the saboteur. But how do you know you are sabotaging yourself, how do you know you are being oppressed, how do you know you are pretending to be small – because you know you are playing hide and seek with the self as now time is up or you would not be here reading this.

As your own consciousness awakens so will those around you. As if by osmosis your own joy awakens their joy but you much also be aware it may repel others, as they didn’t sign up for this version of you. All students committing to this path will fill out the application no matter what level of energy work, study or degree they have pursued in other lineages. After completion and sending the application to your teacher you will meet with Patti, or one of Patti’s designated teachers of the program prior to class either through Skype, a tea meeting as choosing your Reiki Master is as much a part of the attunement as the attunement itself. You will be asked to read the Reiki I book prior to class as the energetic words in the book also tune you in for class and may calibrate you in a way that takes a little longer to read than normal. Awareness can only expand when we accept our unawareness and with willingness to let go of the familiar and give something a go we already pulled towards.


  • The unique calibration to living your life in-joy and self inquiry of what that is.
  • Integration of mind, body and soul planes of existence.
  • The Reiki Attunement and Meditation
  • Scanning bio-energy field of recipient’s body.
  • Receiving and giving a Reiki treatment.
  • Tuning your own system and understanding the ego.
  • Medical benefits of Reiki.
  • Meditation prescription, practice and Sadhana.
  • Re-establishing your know-er.
  • Commitment and forging discipline of practice.

Class duration is from 10 – 5.30pm
Investment $525, includes all reading material and vegetarian lunch.

After a thirty day commitment of self-discipline to your Reiki practice, meditation commitment, gratitude routine, breathwork and other kriyas a post-class meeting will be arranged. Presentation of Pause in Joy Certification and discussion of future advancement will be presented after this meeting.

Please check Events Calendar for class schedule. If any of the events dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.

Potential students considering a commitment to this unique and highly developed spiritual program are asked to fill out and email their application. Patti has met with all potential students prior to registration to ascertain the energetic alignment between student – teacher transmission and to personally hand over the sacred teachings of Reiki I. The workbook must be read fully and filled out prior to class as reading the book is a pre-attunement to the energy alignment you are seeking with yourself.

Please download and fill out application and include in your email.

“Choosing your Reiki Master is part as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself.” Patti, Reiki Master.