November 11, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
534 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

This Reiki Circle circle will be infused with thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude for the subtle energies in our life that screen-shot-2018-10-31-at-12-29-38-amcreate shifts and change when we tap in. But we will not begin with the circle no we are going to begin with an EPIC EFT COLLECTIVE TAPPING IN. This extravaganza will be in honor of a very sacred coordinate in time and space, 11:11, for us to tap in to create more ease, joy and flow in your life. It is the 11th hour and if you would like to continue taking yourself out of being the common denominator of situation after situation then this one you should not miss but it is a free will zone so if you are in sabotage mode please miss it by all means. Ready or not we are now going into lift off but now you are going to have to get real with yourself or continuing reeling at yourself. Patti has not delivered an Abundance EFT workshop for a few years as she focused on finishing the four Pause in Joy books but she is ready to bring that waterwall into your life again as the challenges, inherited beliefs, obstacles, glass ceiling will be shattered like never before.

The night will begin with gratitude as we acknowledge the abundance already sourcing in our life as our we tapping EFT workshop will collapse, dissolve the deep seeded lack and money issues, failing recognition, under the radar acknowledgment, devaluing yourself as we defragment all the inherited beliefs, cultural nonsense around this topic you don’t even know you are running. This very exciting workshop will end with us asking honestly for what you want to the Universe as we close off with our Reiki energy circle to send the vibration out of clear, concise asking. This workshop is not for the faint hearted as your real self is invited for participation, prior to registration an email will be sent to for us to clarify and get focused on what we are coming with and leaving without to make way for that ease and joy to materialize. When Patti offered these workshops in the passed cars were won, money gifted, best stock market days materialized and deals were nailed as she does not play when it comes to this stuff. You abundance is your communities abundance, the arts abundance, the artisans abundance, the charities abundance and your families abundance in health, wealth and prosperity.