March 13, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
The World Online Zoom

This Excessive Resistance Series started with change and love and now abundance. When I say abundance most think of money but do not understand the energetic principles of money. There are a lot of opinions, structures and beliefs around money, riches, wealth and abundance so lets break them all down, dissolve the blockages and most of all change our perspective around it, the perspectives we did not even know we have. You may even have monetary abundance but something elude you, love, career, success which is all a blockage to abundance, so lets get deeper into our subconscious to reveal and release what is holding us back.

If there is more effort resisting than receiving and sometimes we all know how to dodge and make excuses for not having abundance but what beliefs are sustaining this. Abundance in your work, with yourself, with your friends, with life can all seem too overwhelming but why should it be. Perhaps there is something more obvious going on and that is what we are going to release, let go of and uncover over three weeks to clear and clean the consciousness to receive and allow our experience of love to be the fullest expression of our joy.

You see, to let go of anything you need to admit what it is you need to let go and there beginning the game. Admittance in engineering is the flow of energy in a device, you being the device, if in fact you are not admitting there is a blockage, problem or issue then you will continue chasing your tail.

Sometimes clinging to comfort zones are an accustomed normalcy but are sometimes not in our best interest, or they are really a fear of the unknown. Predictability and practicality can be a huge mask for fear but now it is time to take off the mask and jump into this new year with all the muster you can manage.

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Investments for 3 weeks: $99