June 17, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
pvt residence + zoom available
West Hollywood

Address provided on registration.

This workshop is for cultivating your self worth by working on the foundation of your own core values and beliefs. But first, we need to identify what your self worth is attached to? How do define yourself, what do you feel is your identity? What have you based this identity on? If you have been alive for at least a few decades, you probably have gone through an identity crisis especially when you embark on a spiritual journey. I personally went through a personality crisis while integrating / assimilating Soffeah and Aarti. Even if you didn’t change your name like me, you probably have played more than one role in your life or came to switching careers or redefining your relation with your own self. One of the things that stood fundamental were some of my personal values. Earlier I never paid attention to what values I hold close to me so my decisions were based on external circumstances and needs instead of what was going on internally.

In this workshop, we will get clear on what values are the most important and uniquely aligned with you – not to your friends, family, coworkers, boss, neighbors – but to You. Everything else is an external opinion and only you can tell based on your personal internal values whether those opinions resonate or not with you. Your beliefs manifest your desires but when your beliefs and your values are in friction there is nothing to hold the foundation of feeling worthy in order to receive and build the blessings of a life that is fulfilling to you. Instead of having a strong foundation, you are living in survival mode protecting yourself from every wave so not to let the sand castle vanish. Once the core is strong, no matter what uncertain waves come through, you are equipped with the ultimate knowing – knowing yourself because of your core values. Decision making and choices are easier when you live your life in alignment with your values and you know you made the right choice for you. This eliminates the could have, would have, should have regret syndrome and more importantly strengthens self – belief subsequently protecting and nurturing your own self worth.

– Learn what your self worth is attached to internally and externally
– Discover what are your personal core values
– Learn how to prioritize them and make choices based on those priorities
– Identify and collapse beliefs (external and self) that are not congruent to your core values
– Re-attach your sense of self worth to your own core values
– Redefine / update your beliefs to nurture your self worth from a place of unwavering knowing


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