March 13, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

What a powerful evening with some amazing Big Leapers last night really focusing on the Upper Limit Problems. As I sent out a questionnaire last Wednesday I was able to correlate all your answers to the 15 questions which allowed me energetic refinement for this month’s Zone of Genius. As we all have our narrow point of view hearing so many different answers to one question that led us in to our group tapping was powerful, insightful, fun and shifting. I am still vibing from last night’s high, so how can we really address this month’s the ZONE OF GENIUS. To be honest with you I thought Gay Hendrick’s had wrote another book as there was an incompleteness about the Zone of Genius that the Upper Limit Problems in the Big Leap. I want us to navigate four our Zone of Excellence to the Zone of Genius and what that brings up obviously. So, again there will be a questionnaire (it really saves time rather than going around an entire room of people) to correlate the data, with anonymity in what you wrote but collectively shifting the room. Lets normalize the beingness of our Zone of Genius and the real talk of what holds you back and tap that out of your all as I truly inJOY seeing you all blossom in the Zone. If you read the audiobook I like it on speed 1.75x as it makes it quicker and Gay’s writes how he speaks.

In 2011 I did a book club featuring the New York Times best-seller The Big Leap and it really was a catalyst for many leaps that year. This year in-conjunction with 20/20 being a leap year we are going re-read this amazing book and develop our own personalized workshop from what it brings up for you. The lessons, insights and messages in this book will free-form our Intense one of a kind workshop on February 29th at Crystalarium. So yes you will need to read this book prior to the workshop as each person will be sent a questionnaire to fine tune what we will be tapping on and tapping through known and unknown glass ceilings also referred to by Gay Hendricks as the Upper Limit Problem. A questionnaire will be sent mid month to be sent back at least 72 hours prior to the workshop so please sign up in screen-shot-2020-03-01-at-6-27-35-pmadvance.

Most people believe that it is only when they are ready or finally feel satisfied/content with their life that they receive the good news they’ve been waiting for, or find a healthy relationship, achieve personal dreams but it’s when you are not ready most of the time – so get ready to not be ready. The feeling of never being ready is also a buffering system you use to not deal with underlying negative emotions linked to subconscious beliefs about good fortune like the shoe dropping, or you cant have the good without the bad. This of course activates a list of destructive sabotaging subtle and not so subtle behaviors, defense mechanisms and most of all waiting. No one tells you or talks openly about the feeling of joylessness when it happens, the feeling of being depressed, down, empty when good things begin to happen but this is the sabotage kicking in and we subconsciously know and don’t want to deal with it or don’t want to risk receiving then messing up. So if you have ever wondered what your delay is all about, it is because you know you would rather not have it than have to deal with what comes with it – ready to get rid of it as this one is going to go there with a bunch of leap of faith diehards who know this is the threshold they have to address.screen-shot-2020-03-01-at-6-27-19-pm


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