May 13, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
On Zoom
To be honest I was taking May off from our intense two workshops in April, writing the two books and beta testing them. The last night of the Greatfull Gratitude an intense download came through about this workshop that was completely unexpected. I have not studied astrology like some of the amazing people out there who do incredible work but connect more to the energies of our solar system and galaxy as above and so below. This new calibration since our intense Scorpio full moon in April has left a lag time that is noticeable, well to me anyway.screen-shot-2021-05-03-at-11-58-07-am

About 7 years ago I did a very intense workshop with all the planets in our solar system that brought in some amazing and incredible shifts for each person needed at that time in their chart. May 13th Jupiter enters Pisces til a retrograde in July til August and back again into Pisces until May 2022. Jupiter is all about growth and expanded consciousness and in Pisces that’s being more, doing more and knowing more but in the direction of unity, acceptance and inspiration. This Jupiter energy can open doors that take a power much greater than yourself so lets see how we calibrate to our hearts opening to portals that are calling us.

I suggest you download your free natal chart just to have in front of you for the energy of the evening. Each planet in our solar system has a different gravity as we weigh in differently with each planet as you perhaps know if you have visited a planetarium or watched what is happening on Mars. Obviously we have taken flight on Mars and some energy is being, I was going to use the word changed but its being disrupted. So, we are going to calibrate to this upgrade in our collective consciousness you maybe feeling as lagging energy, compressed, dense or just a little much. Depending who this workshop speaks to we will be using each other into stream of consciousness to Dynamically Tap and tune in to what needs amp-ted up and what needs clearer. Have plenty of water, tissues and a uninterrupted sacred space to honor the other participants privacy as we go there.

Please sign up at least 48 hrs prior to class as a work email will be sent out for you to return. This gives me time to tune in for the optimum and efficient needs of each person.

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