June 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm


To pre-attune us to the beautiful Summer Solstice activities at Crystalarium on June 21st we will be cleansing, purifying and releasing preparing for the Strawberry Moon & Father’s Day Sweat. We will be tapping in to the energy of the Father, the patriarchy, the hunter gatherer, the warrior traditionally but transmuted to be so much more than we have entertained. Celebrating our grandfathers and fathers, our Founding Fathers and the deep strong sensitive energy that has been bottled up for fear of being weak let us heal for our ancestors who could not be afforded the emotional spectrum we are striving for today.

the Our Celtic Sweathouse symbolizes the Hive of Abundance into our life as it’s energy produces the honey of life, the sweetness of support, the nectar of love and our initiative to bee the being we came here to be. Our sweats remind us of the sweetness of life, the fullness that comes from the fullness as we transmute the obstacles in life to overcome, we gain the clarity to see the road ahead and dissolve any obstruction not allowing us to see the greatest version you came here to BEE. The Celts sweats like so many sweat over the world is a purification of mind, body and soul together in an intensely liberating experience while gaining a trust in yourself and others experiencing an unforgettable moment of ceremony together.

Our Reiki infused Sweat will take us through four rounds of verbal offerings of prayers, intentional healings & empowerment’s as well as the yin/yang of our soul’s wanting untethered. As we forge forward together, supporting one another in our individual dreams within the hive, bringing forth what we need through the grace of admittance and clarity then all shall be renewed. This sweat is for those seeking the answers not more questions, for those ready to do and be the way through dissolving any blocks preventing their greatness. Our acknowledgment Spirit is enough for Spirit to shower you with the honey of life that you are here to live but to afraid to admit.

Please bring two towels, plenty of water, an open heart, an organic vegetarian pot luck and bring your journals, your crystals, amulets or sacred objects to place on the altar to be blessed by the energy we create and are anointed by.

Address and further instruction given to those attending through RSVP.