April 9, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
On Zoom
screen-shot-2021-04-02-at-11-01-42-amYou need to be in the picture!
One the most powerful workshops I used to teach was “Training the ego to heel” in 2012 but since we moved away from demonizing the ego at Pause inJOY it really did not resonate til now with a plot twist. Everyone deals with having to trust themselves or talent or idea that can get sabotaged at different stages of manifestation. First you need to see what is in the mirror and admit what is lurking as we go through four weeks together with exercises, emotional exorcisms and some homework to practice in the real world.
This may well turn your world upside down and inside out but if this resonates then its just what you called in. This month of April is light enough to go and dig up the garden, admit something aint right and do a power grab from any conditioning or gaslighting trapping you. Understanding your EGO fully is a gamechanger, use it potently and consciously is liberating. This workshop clarifies the power held in the ego and how you can use this for your expansion.Between this solar plexus and the heart chakra is the greatest expansion as we connect the WILL to the heart and transcend the me to we. Many times the ego held in the solar plexus chakra is hated on and blamed for undesireable aspects of your personality or behaviors. This workshop is about enhancing this powerful energy center to work with you rather than against you, as most teaching demonize the ego center that is your source of power in this re-enacting battle sequence that we see time and time again in movies.  The ego sits in the solar plexus area of the body where your liver, pancreas and spleen all tring to regulate and remove toxins. Not just physical toxins either but the energetic and emotional being triggered by environment you are not going to flourish in called comparison.  We are going to mirror manifest all month and its not going to be looking in a mirror trying to convince yourself you are fine. We are going right into the pineal gland to polish that mirror, shine that mirror and be the mirror for everyone else. Space will be limited. So whether you are using this four weeks to jump start your focus and concentration, enhance the manifesting work you are doing or manifest wellness this is going to be the group for you.
  • Magnetizing Meditation
  • Dynamic Tapping to go there
  • Subconscious Integration
  • Clearing future limitations
  • Dissolving blockages known and unknown
  • Consciousness expansiveness to calibrate new frequency