October 13, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Hollywood Hills East

19756648_1588170624586898_2464975553340479102_n-1The Number 13 has long been a number in hermetic traditions of ascension. In the Mayan Calendar, Tzolk’in if any of you remember studying it with me back in 2012 when we shifted in alignment with what was occurring you will remember the 13 tones of Universal Mind Consciousness. Well, this Jupiter transits Scorpio for 13months is significant to getting things aligned or turned around for Nov 2018 and what better time to do it begin but Friday the 13th after the Oct 11th transit.

In hermetic tradition there are nine levels of manifestation all in the non-physical while four are in the physical realm. We will tap-in to these levels to bring forth realizations from each insight and tone for us to clear and clean there and then. Lets unplug from the collective programming disconnecting us fro the last tier of the pyramid – ever wondered why the capstone is floating – well now you do!
Investment $25