April 7, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
On Zoom
screen-shot-2021-04-02-at-11-01-26-amDo you feel like you just lick the gratitude boxes, go through the motions or feel like you are just scratching the surface. Then you are right and in the right place.
Four weeks that go deeper, realer and fuller with Spirit. A few years ago I developed a greatfull gratitude course and book that delved deep into gratitude, three times we did four weeks, defining, developing and turning ourselves inside out. I knew if I was going to do a gratitude course it needed to incorporate the acknowledgment of death to fully embrace being alive. Over four weeks exploring & embodying gratitude everyone realized how much they were so ungrateful but the power way in which we self realized changed peoples reality, their vibration and their mindset. This active practice was not only an active interfacing with consciousness but changes in the neuron-pathways of the brain began to take hold. This four week dynamic gathering asks if you think you are already grateful then this is not for you, but if you feel you know you need to go deeper, inward, realized then this is it.
+ Identify & Excavate to admit what we take for granted to transform it
+ Use dynamic tapping to change behaviors so dramatically that our outside world will mirror our inside experience.
+ Commit to practicing this immense topic that can seem so obvious in ways that open door within you to the Divine Consciousness.
+ Explore ways to go beyond any limits of your gratitude by tapping into the force within you
+ Affirming these deep practices at a core level that creates the shift needed to enrich your nowness.
I look forward to not only Bringing you the beginning of a topic so overlooked but delving into the very core of being greatfull through exercises, affirmations, exclusive meditations and of course Dynamic Tapping technique combined with energetic awareness to dissolve any limit, smallness or blockage to your blessings.
Please download Zoom prior to class! Class link, password given on registration.
Investment $222

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