May 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
pvt residence + zoom available
West Hollywood
I'm feeling myself - EFT w/ Soffeah @ pvt residence + zoom available

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In the culture of ‘good vibes’, there are many stigmas around allowing yourself to feel the entire emotional spectrum flavors. This becomes complicated when you experience unpalatable feelings. In my personal experience, just because I meditated and did my spiritual practice, I don’t automatically get exempted from these feelings – if anything the unaddressed ones are amplified not sometimes but always. For some it’s easy to articulate how they feel and say it in the moment, if you are anything like me – every big feeling is on mute. Sometimes, it has taken me weeks before I can clearly identify what is it that I was feeling. How many times someone said ‘you need to stop crying’ or ‘stop being angry’. And were you able to stop feeling that feeling just because you were being told to? If anything like me, I started feeling ashamed and self blame started piling that I was feeling overwhelmed or angry or sad and that I shouldn’t feel these emotions. Over time, I have developed a better ability to identify what is it that I am feeling especially the ones that require courage and communicate it in a harmless way while honoring that emotion by acceptance of it. I would like to share with the medium of EFT tapping to clear and collapse any unacceptance towards the not so shiny feelings so your feeling meter is clear and recalibrated for optimal functioning.

– Increase your vocabulary of feelings
– Release stigma around what you should / shouldn’t feel
– Learn how to accurately identify what are you truly feeling
– Discover and collapse ways in which you deny, alter and/or minimize your feelings causing them to fester and morph
– Increase your openness and capacity to feel the feelings that you avoid.
– Learn how to non-violently express and release them instead of managing the unexpressed alone
– Identify and collapse beliefs that shame/blame unpalatable feelings like anger, sadness, fear, disappointment, jealousy, resentment, etc.

Contact: Email soffeah@pauseinjoy.com / DM on Instagram @ilovesoffeah
venmo/paypal: @soffeahksanell
ZOOM AVAILABLE: https://zoom.us/j/618222161?pwd=Q2JuNXlGZHJZWm1DTitEK0RUeGtLQT09