August 17, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
THURDAYS August 17th, 24th, 31st, Sept 7 (two weeks later)
Sept 21st. (Post Mercury Retro) 7.30pm-9pm
For those of you who know-O the truth and are wasting time then this is for you to get through these next few months towards that Jupiter transiting into Scorpio. Mercury retrograde is all about finishing unfinished work and we will begin after Aug 12th to take advantage of this energy. No time to waste knowing what you need to do and not doing it, knowing what you need to be and not being it and knowing what you need to have and not having it.
I know you know – so what is it?
It’s the upper limit problem, its the subconscious programs, cultural limitation and beliefs that keep you in a comfortable safe predictable climb. Are you ready to use your gut wrenching fears? Are you ready to take accountability of what you need to do when you need to do it? Are you ready to cease pandering to your comfort zone? and Are you ready to release the need to be unactivated yet liked?
Well you are in for a treat. We will have four consecutive weeks with one down
week and one Being Me finally. This for those who have already committed to being, doing and having and know what they are here to produce, create, contribute but just need someone to push them out the door of the airplane to fly, soar and RISE UP. We will encourage, support, tap, meditate, channel and create beliefs and connection to take us passed the upper limit that is so embedded in the psyche that we don’t even know what it is. No more looking at what you know cause the pathology of your analysis gets you knowhere, as the secret to your hidden activation is in what you don’t know, what you are hiding and what you are delaying. If you are done holding the world back from your gifts keeping it ignorant from your shiftlessness then lets get the ride started, shall we.
If you wish to be at the party, please email me with what struck a note in you while reading this as space is limited.
Email address: patti@pauseinjoy.com