March 27, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Private residence
At Pause inJOY Level III rather than being a tourist in this metaphysical world each student has developed their own signature connection, their own knowing or secret language with Universal Consciousness. With that being said, each student is asked to prepare a metaphysical talk, presentation, interactive something that conveys their beliefs, a knowledge, an insight or an inspiration from this journey. It is a gift really, but it can bring up the most core aspects of the self, the core hindrances, the core saboteur, imposter and you are finally stepping out into the world, onto your stage to proclaim what you know and own it.

Javier Mondragon Presents Freedom Inside Ourselves

I am Javier from Mexico, a self-diver of my soul, a seeker of the truth, passionate for movement, a yoga teacher and a activist that seeks a peaceful and honest country who does not sabotaged happiness and connection to source BUT first I had to start with myself.

This journey of eleven years with many teachers that have shaped my life including Pause inJOY transformed me see my own sabotage of happiness, my own disconnection through fantasy sex and smoking weed. These distractions and of my spiritual path is the delay of my country. Im going to share with you tools, breathwork and movements that I’ve used to let go of the attachments that diverted me from what I came here to fulfill here on Earth.


Lets create freedom from the inside through breath and body awareness to receive what the Universal consciousness has for us and receive it with grace as an embodiment of it’s true power. Join me either on Zoom or in person for my first ever presentation of my truth and how my self-work maybe your liberation.

Zoom Available