July 12, 2018 @ 7:15 pm – 9:00 pm

img_1519Okay we are not kidding around as this is Eclipse season and this partial Solar Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month is just preparing us for August. I will be in Yosemite in August 10-13 for the Perseid meteor shower and you are welcome to join us on the Pause In Joyride to reconnect to Natural world. This is the time to burn through some repetitive patterns, neurotic behaviors to transform as the eclipse highlights the deep subconscious. Already control and power are dancing so if you have given your power to an outside authority or you are being controlled by someone or something this is the moment for a fresh start. You decide to stop betraying yourself and truly practice unwavering focus that takes things in the direction you decide, you envision, you create not waiting for permission – you are the validator of the your own dream – Own it. New Moon is all about being in the dark, going inside, not only listening to your intuition that is one aspect but acting on it as well.

Sometimes the most challenging aspects is to see those you love, those you care for going through tough realizations that you know were coming but cannot prevent their pain, their sadness and regret but it is how we support those who do not know or don’t know where to begin. This is the time to support and use your practice of compassion in real life scenarios than theorizing what people should do but didn’t. Your energy is not only needed at this time but required to keep that balance for the collective. Please bring a new personal energetic item either a crystal, piece of jewelry or totem to place in the circle for our journey these next months.
Our Reiki Circle is for ALL whether you are a practitioner of Reiki or just in-joy receiving some well needed boosts, restoring and shifts. Patti brings the Pause in Joy philosophy alive bringing her unique Celtic lineage of energetic circles and creating a vortex of energy for us all to feast upon. Take what you need and cast away what doesn’t serve you to embrace the truth of your incarnation – You came here to experience your Joy, so injoy.
The first part of the circle is a tuning to your Joy! This focuses on re-coding or activating the your truth, your abundance, your Joy without the auto-safe ego kicking in to sabotage your connection. Our eternal habit to forget how glorious we are, how much we have to give, how incredibly simple it is when you are in the doing and not the thinking is our remembrance in this circle of intent. Each tuning will reactivate your body’s natural intelligence to heal itself and embrace what you have known forever. Each circle produces an experience of its own special energetic vibration, everyone brings their own uniqueness that can result in epiphanies, a deep sense of connection to your higher self as well as the ability to stay longer pausing in your Joy. The second half is a blending of all our energies to chant, to experience the sound of our souls and send that energy to photos of people we wish to send energy to, to projects we wish to uplift and infuse, to ideas that create courage within us and to share our collective energy together to gift to the world.
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Topic: Solar eclipse
Time: Jul 12, 2018 7:15 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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