March 13, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Crystalarium, West Hollywood
534 N La Cienega Blvd B
West Hollywood
CA 90048

Every year we cleanse! We remove the sugars, the caffeine, the meat, alcohol and go alkaline in our food choices for a week. We enjoy the Arise and Shine cleanse with its herbs, chomper for elimination of backed up waste which in Ayurveda is the source of a lot of dis-ease. A lot of cleanses on the market can be too bloating with the fructose from the juice or constipating from not enough fiber.  I love Arise and Shine as it is educational as well as effective with the vegetable broth you make, learning alkaline and you are eating three times a day. I usually go on the gentle cleanse cycle for a week with only two shakes as a vegetarian I feel the elimination from the colon is crucial in another cycle when meat is being consumed. This is a reset for the gut and a reboot for your own psyche to cease being run by a coffee, sugar  or wine. Once we take away a lot of the tranquilizers to the things that cause us angst we normalized or worse use to quieten what is slowing eroding us from the inside out then we can get rid of sh** both physically and emotionally that has constipated our systems and life.

Preparation for any cleanse is half the battle as making a good vegetable broth that comes with the Arise and Shine recipe as well as some shortcuts we know help that we will share. if you have not done one before you need to prepare yourself emotionally as the sugar monster is not pleased when it doesn’t get its coffee, tea or treats the way it likes it and can feel as if you are dying but its just the detox part of the cleanse. But, why even bother upsetting the system by not giving it what it wants, well, because you are not running your own show – it is. Ever wondered why you sabotage, how you saw yourself placating and couldn’t do anything about it, ever felt like something else was running you but you were helpless, then now you know it begins with the food and you are the feeder, enabler and tranquilizer of your own emotions. Those emotions maybe telling you to get out, to do more, to value yourself more and to love yourself but you can’t hear them with the passifier of food, sugar, alcohol or caffeine. Cleanses have always reset your system, given you the power back rather than being a run by a runaway train unable to lift the reins of  life, but now is the time in the transition from Winter to Spring as we reset, reboot, re-calibrate for a clearer brighter 2019 with full vision. You may wish to begin your cleanse before March 8th to be right in the middle for the tapping workshop or tap before you begin your cleanse. The tapping helps us address, clear, neutralize all the emotionally angers, resentments of not getting our passifier, of us not getting our number, so get ready its going to be a ride of empowerment over the doubter, berator and hater that lies within.  I like to purchase their herbs nutrition and chomper with flora grow but I already have a great bentonite but I cannot stomach psyllium husk so I use chia seeds instead.

But we will discuss that for newbies at 7.30-8pm and begin tapping workshop from 8-9pm.


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