April 26, 2021 @ 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm
On Zoom

Working with Jackie finishing her last chemo round over the Holidays we both felt this need to bring something to the community for those going through chemo, newly diagnosed and those on the other side. Sometimes the #F****CANCER Jackie felt was more for the people watching loved ones go through cancer but she didn’t really vibrate with the message. Jackie wants to share what worked for her, the outlook and how you to can go there. This will be an add-on to our amazing Full Moon Reiki Circle for us to take all that great energy we create at the circle and bath in it with some free-styling for your specific needs.  The TRU2U CANCER CREW is a new addition to our newsletter and we are just going to see and feel its reponse to the call. We heard the call so we took the call and will be there. We do not really know what the response will be as those going through this energetic metamorphosis sometimes need a beat and other need to go straight into that beat of their soul’s calling. Lets just see what we can create together.