October 14, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
534 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Unwanted excess weight is like an iceberg where diet/nutrition/exercise only make the tip of it and the submerged part is your subconscious connection to eating as a neuro-emotional response to situations and habits in your life. In this workshop, Soffeah will help you end emotional eating from her own experience of losing 60lbs so you can:

  • Meet your weight loss goals, clear unconscious eating patterns and dissolve damaging body belief systems
  • Rewire your mind to choose intuitively healthier foods in tune with your body’s needs
  • Collapse commonly experienced heavy feelings of guilt, shame, worthlessness, failures, powerlessness and embarrassment around food
  • Remove any limitations, fear or reluctance you feel towards exercise and body movement
  • Give yourself permission to discover a new active lifestyle enriched with more adventure, possibilities and joy
  • Improve your body confidence as you build your belief in yourself

This is not a diet plan or a workout routine but something that will empower you to stop overwaiting and be more connected and aware of your body.

My journey so far –
img_9370Working with Patti, I have thankfully lost a total of 60lbs and counting. I have always been overwait since my pre-teen years. Now in my 30’s after countless diets, fasts, workout routines, transformation challenges, I just couldn’t shake off the weight permanently. I felt stuck and had just accepted the hopelessness of my weight problem and tried to be body positive which eventually failed as I woke up everyday knowing that what I deeply craved was to change how my body looks, feels and moves. It was not until I honestly admitted to my own emotional eating patterns and discovered the early onset triggers of using food for soothing emotions. Over my teenage years, it morphed into something beyond my control and led into the vicious cycle of food addiction, sugar addiction, overeating, fat shaming, guilt, embarrassment. Once the root emotional eating triggers were collapsed and the weight started coming off, I realized beyond the limitations of my body were thinking patterns, behaviors, beliefs, events and expectations that were withholding the best of me in all aspects of my life. This journey has helped me go a little faster on the treadmill when I was scared to death of falling while running, stretch myself for one more rep, push for improvement in everything I do, injoy and be grateful for food, have the courage to explore new things that old me would have never considered like roller-skating and an overall feeling of confidence and empowerment that I have not felt in my life before.