Hi there,
We are half way through eclipse season, yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse at 5.45am from the top of Runyon Canyon was spectacular, thank you everyone for joining via InstaLive (pauseinjoywithpatti) for our wee meditation and reboot. The partial Solar Eclipse sandwiched between Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog will get this 2018 energy off to an electric start with emerging truths bringing fairness, sometimes unwanted growth and the refocusing of how something, or someone is – as opposed to how you want it, or a friend to be. This is the year to be enthusiastic about your ideas, your projects and your commitments and recognize when you focus everyone wants it. Focus and concentration known as dharana in Raja yoga is an entire limb as big as all the physical poses practiced and we are going to use it like a laser on your life this year as we are going to have to be smart of next year. The two principles practiced this month are DHARANA and PRATYAHARA to withdraw from the over-stimulation of the five senses overthinking, overindulging and overlooking what you are here to focus on – This will be a great practice to handle the news all year and get your stuff off the ground finally.