The Pause in Joy’s mission is to re-attune each person to their own unique connection, their own inner listener to ultimately awaken the soul’s purpose to live their joy-filled rich life.  Each of us agreed when we were came out of this world to bring forward our own unique gifts, talents and joy unreservedly but we forgot our promise.

By tuning back-in to your authentic frequency each soul activates the courage and strength to live its grandest expression offering your highest best self to the world.  Through raising your awareness and taking your responsibility for your own health, your own dreams, your own well-being the collective consciousness of your family, your community, your workplace and your neighborhood will change by osmosis.

Pause in Joy not only educates and empowers you to dedicated your life to honor the joy bringer within but heals the traumas, the limited belief systems, the trapped emotional pain that will be set free. By de-mystifying the principles associated with the mind, body and soul your creativity is unlocked to manifest solutions than nit-picking problems. Integrating the restorative techniques of the East in synergy with Western medicine and culture, each person is treated holistically with the focus on preventative care and a thriving life free of fear.

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