They say you are what you focus on and I thought it was time to amp up the Joy. To do that we really need to understand and go on an adventure to see, feel, realize the rapture of what Joy truly is. Our word of the month is COMMITMENT, and for me, my commitment is to intensify and heighten joy within myself for the benefit of those around me, this community and those I do not know who come in contact with me daily.

For seven years students embraced the Pause teachings in their life, to heal themselves, to choose a path using classical Reiki, meditation as well as facilitating workshops and clients using Emotional Freedom Technique. One morning in April 2011 all that was to change as a new focus entered the picture as something hovered between the realm of sleep and wakefulness. All of sudden, my little Pause symbol was suspended inside an enormous circle, as the zoom moved out the corner of a J appeared and on the other side a . A rumbling began as a flash of light came through the pillars and I was left repeatedly asking, why is my pause inside that Joy, repeat, repeat, repeat until I sat up in the bed muttering, why is my Pause in joy. I changed my entire website that morning! The Pause Reiki training I had written needed to be rewritten, refocused, re-attuned as Joy was the destination while we cleaned the traumas, the narrative and the resistance while on the path. All releasing, dissolving and elimination was done simultaneously while moving towards the coordinates of your own personal Joy. Now fives later in 2016, it is time to meet that joy-force, that joy-connection as a celestial message to our evolution.

So to really PAUSE in Joy we need to get clear about what Joy is and what we in-joy doing, spending our time hearing, watching and spreading in this world.  Join our Journey to Joy with me using the hashtag #100daysofjoy and hey it’s only 100 days what else are you going to focus on for 100days, grab the helm and choose the coordinates with me,



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