To pursue your happiness you must commit to happiness


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Every Monday, 8.08am

Reiki Joy Transmission

Each Monday at 8.08am a Reiki Transmission of Joy will be beamed from Patti on the Joy FM frequency. For those students wishing to make this a regular sadhana please join me with 5 Tibetans Rites Yoga, or your own personal practice as we sit together connecting to Mudita (Joy).

Mudita (Joy) traditionally is used with compassion and is vicarious
Joy. Mudita encourages charitable and social work but including compassion (karuna) as the inspiration for it, their marriage is undeniable. Mudita also prevents compassionate action from being scarred with a condescending or patronizing attitude, as this can be repelling and hurtful to recipients. Also, when active compassion and unselfish joy get together, works of service do not feel dead and routinely indifferently. Indifference, listlessness, boredom are said to be the ‘distant enemies’ of mudita. They can be vanquished by an alliance of compassion and unselfish joy. You will feel free of dualistic thinking and action, you will feel enhanced at be part of the whole and you an oneness with the ALL. In fact you will be LIBERATED.

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Giving Button is for those moments when abundance, joyful happenings seem a little

overwhelming and immediately you want out of the feeling. As we are not hard wired for feeling good it imperative you normalize this frequency. By sending your excess excitement or not being able to breath into the feeling send it to our room of plenty to be stored for others in the community to tap into and ensure that giving is a philanthropic energy of abundance. 

Receiving Button is exactly that, say what you need or want and close your
to receive a transmission of energy from the community hall of plenty. Sometimes we just need a blast of energy to get us through and this will do exactly that. 

A f
avorite of the app our Angel numbers to keep us connected to the sacred geometry of energetic inter-dimensional beings guiding us, lifting us and inspiring us to be connected to the realm of the unseen.


ho Mitakuye Oyasin one of my favorite p
rayers o
f interconnectedness. This pra
er is the root of all creatures, organisms, elements and cosmic energy. Say this p
rayer as direct connection the Grid and be fully present in its aliveness.

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NEW VIDEOS from Mommy Lauren

Lauren has an honestly that we love as it is a strength in her vulnerability to share with other mommies or mommies to be her journey. Thank you Lauren for your trust, your love of others and your honesty.


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Hi there and Happy 4th July, 
The hope today that you gain an insight into your own pursuit of happiness and the luxurious freedom that comes with that decision.
I take my freedom and liberty to pursue my happiness and Joy with much gravity. You see, gravity to me is not only a force that keeps me grounded it also allows me to understand the gravity of my choices and care deeply about the fabric of energy weaved through life. Sometimes when we want others to care and the pretense of not caring negates any pursuit of happiness or Joy because actually you giving a sh** is what counts.

If you can do what you hate and be successful, you can do what you love the only difference in the scenario is the person doing what they love focuses 100% on Love. You first much Love yourself just enough to allow the pursuit of your happiness but more importantly hate a little less to take the chance on you. When we see friends or even strangers pursuing their happiness and Joy, what does it brings up within you, if there is a sting of jealous and envy then that is your source of separation. Seeing others pursue happiness is showing up in
r life to show possibility, right there in technicolor but sometimes people we cannot handle it. Never stop pursuing your happiness an
d Joy even when others ridicule it, try to shoot you down and especially when friends do not support your dream this is for you to cultivate your own garden of dreams.

Keep your faith close as the Joy of knowing your own dreams and pursuing them little by little will one day reach the tipping point as you flow from one dream to another. This month is that tipping point, that moment of realization, of aha, as the brilliance can
no longer be hidden. Be prepared to see what
was right in front of you all the time. May you feel the freedom to live your dream reality now and I will send you energy to reach for it.

May your dreams be filled with surprises and flow with ease.

With Deepest Gratitude, Reiki Patti  


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Reiki Circle TreePeople Amphitheater
Sunday 19th, 10.30am-11.45am

Our Reiki circle will continue soaking up the beauty of Coldwater Canyon’s TreePeople at the Mark Taper amphitheater. This little outdoor theater and stage is a perfect setting for this months Circle.

Our community Reiki Circles are for ALL whether you practice Reiki or not. This will be the first circle in LA for the last few months since we have been traveling to Joshua Tree and Idyllwild so I am excited to be in our gorgeous city and love the TreePeople and is an ideal opportunity to plug in to a conscious community and use what you already know, whether it is the teachings of Abraham, Louise Hay, Marianne Willliamson or your own practice; this gathering is a sacred event where we get to work on the subtle energies.

Our Reiki Circle is in two parts. The first part consists of a beautiful guided meditation to create a sense of peaceful calm for our energies to gentle build together. Each individual attending receives the gift of a one-to-one healing attunement by one of the program’s Reiki Masters. This serene space of meditation can clear blockages, form clarity, increase empowerment, release toxins that no longer serve you. and induce change.

The second part of the Reiki Circle is to send energy utilizing the group’s energy since the healing attunement. This massive unified healing energy is transported through time and space to our families, friends, projects, dreams, businesses and aspirations. Participants bring photographs of loved ones, vision books/boards, head shots, scripts and yes I have even had dogs in the center of the circle to symbolize our intentions. Students attuned to Reiki will hold the energy for those not attuned, as a chorus of AUM’s fused with the Kotodama transport our intention of healing. Each circle produces its own special energetic vibration, everyone brings their own uniqueness that can result in epiphanies for some, clarity for others with a deep sense of connectedness to the ocean of consciousness.

Please bring a yoga mat, cushion if necessary and water.  When you park, please come down the stairs from the car park do not go into the Treepeople building.  

Address: 12601 Mulholland Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 



Yosemite Yoga, Hiking and Camping

Perseids Meteor Shower @ The Dome  
    Aug 9th- 13th, 2015 

This Summer we will venture to Yosemite to hike, camp and Salute the Sun in the energy of Nature. We will recharge, restore and discover this amazing gift left to us through the passion and vision of John Muir. We will be driving through the entire park from the East side at Tuolomne through the Valley and of course their is Obsidian Dome.

Gentle yoga to stretch out after our hikes and please feel free to bring your dogs. This is going to be an adventure for us all and I cant wait to go on it with you especially under the meteor shower on the 10th and 11th. I can’t promise Jared but I can promise that dome behind him and the energy he is connecting to in this photo so come on lets have an adventure! Lets coordinate the drive up, food and equipment and I look forward to seeing some time soon.   


Be the change you want to see in the World starts with you!

This healing, spiritual path, journey, way I have created is based on the Hero’s Journey to know thyself be true. As it is only once we clean our own personal individual energy that we connect collectively in oneness for the betterment of humanity. So why should you bother doing any spiritual work? 
Well for one, you didn’t come here to be an accountant, bra sales person or mechanic; you came here to bring forward the treasure that lies within you and perhaps you don’t even know what that is but don’t you think it is work exploring, because I do!

For me to make you, your own Hero I’m going to push you, be the bad guy, be the good guy, be the villain, be the loved one, be whatever you decide you want me to be for you to reach for your greatness. Ever notice how people go around looking for Guru’s to disappoint them and then they find the ones that do disappoint them, bingo you were right and got what you wanted. Now what, did the ego win another delay to do what you need to do when you need to do it? That’s just another barricade to loving, devoting, giving yourself over – You see a Guru doesn’t do it to you, a Guru is only there to shine light on what you are not seeing, being and ultimately cease your game of hide and seek with yourself. Peek a boo, I see you and that can be scarey, relieving and vulnerable – Ready to be free?

Pause in Joy Reiki Books available prior to class. Reiki III and Masters will be discussed with Patti directly due to the work need to prepare.  
If any of these dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.  Reiki Master Teacher Training, please email for appointment to discuss application.   

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Reiki I  

Re-Membering your Light 

Reiki One teaches awakens that they are energetic beings having a physical experience. This awakening of energetic alignment to the subtle bodies re-establishes a discernment of the mind, body and soul connection to everything. This infinite unified field of CONSCIOUSNESS taps you into the the grid of our own healing, knowing, empowerment and self-centered peacefulness.

Focusing on this subtle life-force energy that underlies everything gives each student the opportunity to shift anything in their life before it manifests physically. 

The possibilities unveiled reveal a new world with new creative potential liberated from fears, anxiety, procrastination, undisciplined apathy and jealousy. Each student has a different journey as each person’s TRUTH is revealed to them uniquely. The path of living your fullest life is in your own hands as the self-healing modality is only a small part of a larger journey to the THINKING problem that plagues society.  


Class Duration: 1 day

July 13th, 18th and 31st 

– Includes Pause in Joy Reiki I workbook to be read before class

-Vegetarian Lunch Provided 


If any of these dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.  Reiki Master Teacher Training, please email for appointment to discuss application. 

“Choosing your Reiki Master is part as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself.”

Patti Penn



Reiki II : The Conscience Becomes Conscious

Reiki II is at least 30 days post Reiki I as students know when they are ready for this level as a specific aspect will rise from the consciousness telling me you are ready.  This level of Reiki at Pause in Joy is known by students’ as the #gamechanger. It is for students wishing to forge a deeper connection to this powerful energy by clearing past/present/future fears and limitations and connect to their own inner listener, guidance and live a full rich abundant life..

Reiki II is considered professional practitioner level. You will learn to use three separate Reiki energy streams not only via symbols but acute awareness of vibration. Symbols only focus your intent but it is the reservoir of energy behind a symbol that is your connection. The symbols connect you fast to the unified field, while another calms and stills the emotions and lastly, to send energy through time-space.

As this level is practitioner level, Patti believes to heal yourself or others one must start cleaning your own house unresolved issues will only come to the surface to amplify their release. Reiki II unveils an awareness that has no room for blame, or excuses but identifies addictions, emotional tranquilizers and all personal distractions that have impeded your evolution to your personal greatness.

You will learn to liberate yourself from eons of THINKING small, thinking in self preservation and most of all thinking in lack from a fear based mentality.  As we sending energy to every year in your life the transformation will reunite you to the person you always knew you had the potential to be.

    * Discuss exercises presented in Reiki II Book 
    * Subconscious becoming conscious and using affirmations 
    * Recognizing your own awareness and emotional tranquilizers 
    * Visualization meditation and attunement to Reiki II 
    * Drawing and connecting to the meaning of all three symbols 
    * Giving an emotional treatment using your intuitive scanning 
    * Receiving an emotional treatment 
    * Collapsing your own fears and limitations. 
    * Sending distance Reiki to two designated recipients using proxy items 

     * Planning and implementing sending Reiki back to every year in your life for 30 days (Must Journal) 

      * Learning Emotional Freedom Technique with Reiki to clear and cleanse sending Reiki back and collapse aspects as they surface.

Class duration is 10.00am – 4.00pm, 2 days   

-Includes Pause in Joy, Reiki II Book 

-Vegetarian Lunch is provided

July 16h and 17th

July 25th and 26th


Current Reiki II Students: 2nd Full Day CLASS REFRESHER

Current Reiki II Students: Learn EFT to send Reiki back 2pm-4pm