It’s difficult to be succinct while reflecting on all the ways that Patti and Pause in Joy have impacted my life. My journey toward self actualization only began in earnest in the time since I began working with Patti. Here are some of the perspectives and behaviors that have completely changed my life that I can attribute fully to Pause in Joy.

  • I focus on the emotions of what I want, attune to my positive vibrations and just “do.”
  • I now take notice of all that goes well and right, and how easily things come to me.
  • I’ve stepped away from the self loafing, invisibility, and kidding myself that once defined me.
  • I don’t focus on what I am doing, I focus on how I am being.
  • I believe love just “is”, and that we just “are.”
  • I’ve learned to connect empathetically, not just through pain but to each other’s joy and happiness.
  • I allow my fantasies to unfold in my positive imagination: I am grateful for the now and all of my privileges and blessings while maintaining a vision for my future.
  • I challenge myself to think as big as I can and then think bigger, to breathe into more and invite amazement.
  • I release my resistance to having more, to leading my best possible life.
  • I take action in the direction of my excitement without expectation and with conscious awareness of each moment as its own end.
  • I now believe action is an expression of the frequency I prefer to be in and have learned that to be aligned, aware and in flow is easy. Negativity is a practice, so is positivity. Which practice do you choose?
  • I release my attachments to pain and suffering, I choose my joy narrative.
  • I allow myself to operate above chaos and guilt and to allow the people and things that don’t contribute positively to my life to dissolve.
  • I’ve stopped fearing my power and connection: I am here to make things happen and am willing to do the work now.
  • I am comfortable in my deserving and have learned to let go of the addiction of the ego.
  • I own up to my fears and I let them go: I call myself on my bullsh*t.
  • I now know we are meant to be present and purposeful, and that to start we simply must release our resistance to giving ourselves the best possible chance.
  • I trust that I know how to uncover what I want and do exactly what I need to do when I need to do it.
  • Being is fun and easy, our paths show up to us if we invite them.
  • I feel nurtured by our life source and all the possibilities.
  • I stopped working on others instead of working on myself.
  • We must embrace this adventure and accept what we encounter with grace.
  • To be alive is a privilege. To wake up, connect and find ourselves here.
  • I don’t need a story to do the right thing. I play, then play more.
  • If we focus on our limitations or the limitations of others we become them, so we must look beyond them. I think beyond my circumstances and my programming, I release myself. I know I am going to manifest what it is I want, even the things I don’t even know I want.
  • If I find myself in discomfort, I release myself with laughter. I’ve stopped taking myself too seriously. All I can do is honor the best version of myself that I can be, and then the greatest potential and truest possibilities come forth.
  • I trust that my higher self is looking after me and liberated myself from the cycle of punishment and reward. I simply do what I need to do when I need to do it to maintain a positive vibration. I know the right thing to do.
  • My narrative is that I am a winner. Not an underdog. My stories of weakness cannot trap me. Those stories have expired. I release them with every breath as I move further and further from them.
  • This life is not an exercise in getting things done: we are playing, we are creating and we are realizing our abundance. We must align with our abundance. It all comes when we stop having an agenda about it.
  • Most importantly, I allow myself to be comfortable and normalized in amazement. Just breathe.

-All the best,

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