With over 300 students and counting, Patti’s Reiki Shares provide a unique space to deepen your practice. Reiki Shares are energized with a powerhouse of students attuned from Pause in Joy Level I to Masters.

Join us as we get together to share, receive and in-joy receiving spiritual conscious energy as you all Reiki each other three to one, 3:1, maybe even 4:1 depending on numbers. Not only will we be tapping in, we will be experiencing each others ways, insights, psychic surgery from some Masters attending as well as Reiju empowerments.
I look forward to seeing you for a tune up and for us to share space of each others journey as we get to know the power of the collective more intimately. My remote students are welcome to join the share and I look forward to many more.
Donation + Pot Luck. Please email to appointment@pauseinjoy.com for address with RSVP. This event is for Pause in Joy attuned students only.