Rei- is the spiritual consciousness energy while ki equivalent to prana or chi, is your life-force energy harmonizing through a life animated in time and space.

The Reiki kanji portrays the transcendent mystic veil between heaven and earth moving downward and upward as chants/prayers are carried through movement/deed. The communion between this cosmic, esoteric, mystical force and our mind, body and soul is an instrument for bringing heaven to earth working within the framework of the five elements.

It helps balance the body’s bio-energy system by helping the flow of energy reestablish itself. Unfortunately our worry and negative belief systems from limitation, fear and worry trap energy in our physical body or organs unintentionally but nonetheless starving the vitality of a sophisticated intelligent design that thrives from love, harmony, plenty and fulfillment.  Reiki works through bandages and casts and is said to increase the recovery time of injuries, burns, bruises and post surgery procedures. It is said to reduce stress, inflammation, reduce or relieve pain, especially chronic pain by bringing the body into balance. 

If I can describe it I do not know it, but if I cannot describe it I know it well. How does one describe a phenomenon, you can’t as it is completely experiencial as is all true spirituality.

You may experience a personal epiphany to a deep sense of relaxation liked to divine inner peace. Our state of inner peace is recommended to promote healing by most physicians thus combating stress on the body.  As Eastern medicine works mostly on the aspect of preventative care a Reiki treatment balances the body’s energy system before physical manifestation of disease occurs. This is the empirical distinction between the manner in which Reiki treats disease prior to manifestation and the way dis-ease is treated after it is manifested in Western medicine.

To be tuned in to yourself and activate your own inner knowing is a vital part of our consciousness as we connect faster, integrate with technology and understand the importance of living authentically to our mental and physical wellbeing as well as spiritual dharma. The point is, if you need convinced you are perhaps not there yet because you will know when you are being called to learn Reiki and especially this teaching. If you are finding it hard to ignore your destiny and live your joy filled truth but fears and limitations have always impeded you this is the path for you.

An attunement is a ceremony of spirit to tune you in to your unique energetic frequency that has long been forgotten.  The actual attunement aligns your higher self with your physical self on the earth plane to be an instrument of healing, joy and love in this world. Each one of us is an instrument in a orchestra playing apart of the greatest cosmic symphony.

Everyone and anyone who awakens to their own dream, calls in the teaching to their life. The youngest students being five years old to the seventy five, all sexual orientation, all ethnicities and religious denominations.

In a session, there is little or no difference in treatments. The student program is less focused on healing dis-ease as the primary aim although it may initially attract individuals to Reiki as sometimes we need to be forced to live authentically and in our Joy.

First you will meet with your potential teacher either through a Reiki circle or event to establish if this is the teacher for you and vice versa. Choosing your Reiki Master is as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself and the beginning of trusting your intuition. Many students from other lineages retake their Reiki through this program and must begin anew whether attuned to Reiki Master.

Distance reiki is when you send reiki energy through time and space to a recipient either in another city or perhaps another time.

Set a time when you will not be disturbed and lie down as if you were receiving a healing in person. The practitioner will connect to your energy and perform a full body treatment on you using a proxy item or their own body’s energy system as substitute. If however you wish to have distance reiki sent while at an important meeting or going through a challenging event for support the time and place of the event will create the highest energetic outcome for all concerned.

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Patti believes that each student and teacher must have an energetic connection as they road can be long and knowing whether each person wishes to commit to one another is an important part of the pre-attunement. Choosing your teacher is as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself and vice versa.

A Reiki Session is said to feel like rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. Stepping out of your physical reality to immerse into an ocean of tranquility and pure consciousness. As recipients can enter delta states of brain activity, deep stillness and relaxation calibrate the energy centers of the body to balance and harmonize. Each 60-90 minute Reiki session is a tranquil absorption of the depleted energy your require through your chakra system leaving the body’s ki renewed and rejuvenated. The experience can almost seem ethereal Reiki Master works intuitively within the physical, emotional or spiritual bodies of your bio-energy system in balance with the astral, causal and karmic planes of consciousness.

Hands glide the energy fields, gently resting and focusing on specific areas to clear, release and restore. Working along your fully clothed body using the major internal organs and chakras as a guiding system to release any tension, stress and pain. Sensations of intense heat, cold, tingling or floating feeling are usual, but some may experience moments of astral projection, euphoria, personal epiphanies or an immense sense of inner peace.

Clients are asked to eat lightly before a treatment. Bring a large bottle of water to ensure hydration after leaving the center and we would advice not to be overstimulated post treatment. Some prefer to begin a session with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and finish with a full body Reiki treatment to fill up the necessary vitality lost during the releasing of old patterns and belief systems.