Be the change you want to see in the world, Gandhi, was never a quote for me but a call to action – Patti

Over the years a transformation occurred in the consciousness and within {P A U S E} inJOY. Early in the teachings most were coming to seek a healing from a diagnosis either physically or spiritually but that all changed in 2008 when Pause emerged to be Pause inJOY ™.  The {P A U S E} inJOY essence and teachings have percolated from the consciousness since 2005 creating a force and strengthening the connection as more life their truth. Tuning-in and turning-on your own knowing and truth, with an inner guidance for your soul’s mission as the primary aim while secondarily clearing and cleaning old beliefs, defragmenting programs and traumas limiting the life you came here to live.

The {P A U S E} inJOY journey with Patti or any of her designated teachers is not only a healing journey but a call to action from the depths of your own soul. You already know the truth of what you are holding yourself back from, what  you came here to bring forward and the treasure lies under all the lies you have told yourself or have been told to you.

If this program speaks to you please fill out the to download and complete application form and then email to Patti or one of her designated {P A U S E} inJOY Reiki Masters also teaching The Way. Either an online video conference or meeting in person will be set up after receiving the completed application between teacher and student to ascertain an energetic rapport. The {P A U S E} inJOY Book will be presented prior to class for each student’s pre-attunement to the actual class bringing each person into energetic alignment with the day.

All students who have taken a hiatus or ceased their practice wishing to rekindle after a two year absence with Patti or any of her designated teachers will be asked to attend a refresher class of their existing level. Patti reserves the right to transfer or refuse any student lapsing in their practice or communication to a designated {P A U S E} inJOY Reiki Master within the program.