Executive consciousness has emerged to the fore in the past few years as selfless corporate acts lead the way. The model of excluding emotional intelligence and unawareness in an era of live streaming is now being superseded through raising consciousness in the corporations.  To trust your knowing, listen to that knowing and share your knowing with others is an environment of the future, but the future is here to pause in-joy. Corporate prosperity in all areas of retention, creative growth and joy-filled productivity in business is here to stay .

Patti Penn’s philosophy is built around the principles of learning to connect to your joy through knowing what you in-joy. living honestly and authentically through a deep sense of trust with yourself first is crucial to connect to your team, colleagues and mentors for a  healthy mind, body and spirit. Patti facilitates exercises to access possibilities of unknown skills, reveal opportunities and realize personal dreams to become reality through joyful mindfulness.

Each participant will be invited to form a stronger connection to self-awareness, create more abundance  and learn the  consciousness bypassing the little tyrant, or saboteur holding you back from being the best you. Each person’s unique journey and energy has created the microcosm of their macro environment and when we shift in one area it shifts effortlessly in all areas, personal and business. Gone are the days when emotional intelligence is ignored rather than supported, enhanced and most of all integrated through empathetic styles of leadership, kindness and  authentic kind encouragement.


This re-treat is retreating within to discover the treats not yet tapped into. This hidden treasure within each person’s consciousness knows how to transmute proverbial lead into gold. The undiscovered talents, hidden skills, breakthroughs and untapped potential uncovers the empowered you, successful in business and all areas of life.


Patti creates an experience for each person to glimpse the best part of ourself residing within. She has delicately crafted an environment allowing each person to venture where they would normally not go alone. With great skill and empathetic awareness Patti delicately reveals limitations, issues and blockages to dissolve as participants go all the way trusting the process to completion. This journey takes each person to the center of unawareness; weeding out old patterns, collapsing negative beliefs and uncreating outdated mindsets that impede your very best-self from emerging.


Kindness and compassion are essential to the principles at  Pause in Joy.  Each person is encouraged to tune in to their own needs throughout the day, choosing to withdraw from any exercise, to sit under a supportive tree, journal peacefully or take a walk in the silence of their own being; all is accepted. Each person will give themselves permission to know what they know, what they need and to trust their needs, their limits and honor themselves without judgment.


Each person will experience their own sense of empowered beingness creating a space for more possibility.  Existing in an  abundance mindset accesses creative solutions effortlessly. This shift of energy combined with the mindfulness tools assimilates easily for a less stressed individual able to use these practical exercises to recharge and re-center one’s energy and cognitive awareness.


Processing during the retreat will calibrate over the following days if not weeks. Patti will be available for counsel sessions and one-to-ones whether in person or on Skype if delving deeper is required or for future breakthroughs individuals may wish to take on their own extended journey.


The admittance admits us to know what we think we do not know and finally discover.  Our commitment to enthusiastically uncover the gaps between awareness and unawareness is where possibility, abundance and creativity reside ripe for the picking. When we drop-in to what we do not know life’s possibilities expand as growth, riches and joy all lie beyond the safety of what is known but must be discovered in the unknown. This adventure is for those ready to discover those spaces and wholeheartedly embrace the new.

Our patterns are comfortable safe zones of repeated unawareness perpetuating limiting beliefs and disguising hidden fears masked as practicality. Uncovering our limiting stories, known and unknown, in this uniquely designed environment offers opportunity to let it go and get it rid of it once and for all. Patti takes you to the place you would not normally venture alone to liberate yourself from years of old programs,  toxic patterns and predictable unawareness.


To allow others to see the real you is not only your strength but your greatest inner confidant being activated.
Knowing yourself can be the greatest hurdle to achieving success in business when the self is harshly judged by its strongest critic – you. Comparison is not only the thief of joy but the virus of corporate decay. Creating a competitive spirit within a kind environment built on inclusion and togetherness builds trust, retention, productivity and growth.

Our humanity is found in our kindness and empathy for each other but also when we harmonize with each others’ unmet needs. Creating these strong foundations encourages sharing information for individual and team successes while collapsing personal triggers that can sabotage you.


Discovering you are enough just as you are, is not only transformative but a relief. Knocking down defenses and protective walls that imprison you emancipates the best part of you ready to emerge.