A Reiki Session is said to feel like rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul lasting either 60 to 90 minutes. Stepping out of your physical reality to immerse into an ocean of tranquility and pure consciousness. As recipients can enter delta states of brain activity, deep stillness and relaxation calibrate the energy centers of the body to balance and harmonize. Clients are asked to eat lightly before a treatment and bring a large bottle of water to ensure hydration post treatment for your car journey home. It is not only what happens on the treatment table but the 72 hours after the session as realizations, letting go and restoration actually takes place. 60 minutes: $150 90 minutes $225.
Pre-session you will be asked to get focused on what you want to achieve from the session by fine tuning what it is you want to walk in with, and walk out without. You may exchange emails with your practitioner bullet pointing history but intuitively your practitioner will read between the lines of what your subconscious is not saying. Expect to receive further questions that resonate new realizations prior to the session. Patti is adept at fully understanding the evasiveness of the ego to deflect, conceal and sometimes lie about how it really feels. The first session is 90 minutes as Patti or Soffeah must address your ego sweetly and with great skill as you are psychologically reversed. You have been blocked from letting go because the ego is trying to keep you safe and does not want to go there, until now. How do we know that? Because if it did, you would not still have the behaviors, issues, repeating circumstances, sabotaging behavior, lack, scarcity or limitations. Clients are asked to eat lightly before the sessions and bring a large bottle of water drink during the session preferably electrolyte water. When we let go of old belief systems, limitations or break through realizations the pineal gland can dehydrate more rapidly which causes headaches. Keeping hydrated post session and advisable not to be in over-stimulated environments as you will be open and raw to this new found sense of being. Go home journal and take an epsom salts bath as you may sleep over 12 hours to recalibrate this new operating consciousness. 60 minutes: $150 90 minutes $225
Depending on the issue, aspects or trauma we usually begin a combo session with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and finish with a full body Reiki treatment to fill up the necessary vitality lost during the releasing of old patterns, trauma and belief systems. When the trauma is fairly new and you are unable to articulate the words necessary Patti will begin with a Reiki session to balance your body’s life-force before approaching the EFT session. Please bring electrolyte water as this intense session will leave you feeling entirely liberated as well as renewed. Patti advises you to be nurturing to whatever your soul needs post treatment whether that is going straight home to journal or go to sleep, go to the beach or canyon to connect to nature or a gentle evening with a close friend for dinner, choose your post treatment activity mindfully. 90 minutes $225 120 minutes $300 180 minutes $450
The online session is a little different in our set up than in person. Please ensure there will be no interruptions as well as the awareness of your own privacy by keeping doors closed to the room you will be using. Please have tissues and water on hand and notes/pen for anything you wish to jot down during the session. Prior to the Reiki or EFT session the same outline will be carried out with information going back and forward to utilize the time together effectively. Turn off all phones and please send Patti a friend request on Skype,pauseinjoy.pattipenn prior to your session, or if you are using Zoom please download the program if not already on your computer. Patti can also use FaceTime if you are on-the-go and can only find a safe spot in your car to do our work together especially if it is an emergency.
A distance Reiki treatment is when Patti sends energy through time and space for you to receive a full body treatment or to business meetings, negotiations, up and coming new projects, all future events to go smoothly and be filled with joy. She has sent Reiki to many mothers in labor as well as the transition of loved ones either in the present or past that remain unresolved. Clients are asked to set up time to establish the start of the session as well as your name and city.