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Flower of Life Mandala


Joy Enhancer with Citrine and Quartz Points

There is just something filled with Joy for me to see sacred geometry and art combined. The Flower of Life w/Lotus Flower Joy Enhancer Mandala is a combination of ascetic beauty of proportion, intricacy and simplicity all in one. We grow from a one cell organism to a trillion cells; all connected to each other as one cell of many cells within this organism.

The Lotus Flower symbolizes the emergence of this beautiful flower to come through the earth in the murky pond, up through the waters where the fishes are feeding to emerge into the light and open to in all its glory reaching for the Sun and Light of the heavens. We all come from the Earth, we emerge all the same way from our Mother Creator, we reach for our own light through the challenges, obstacles and limitations with the chance that we to may find enlightenment and our bloom.

We are all here in the same software system. Each of us with the same operating system as the Buddha used. A place where the most enlightened to the most ignorant exist side by side. Imagine if we all reached daily for our Bodhi mind, it is within us all to reach for Joy to meditate with Mudita as well as compassion as it is only when we balance our compassion with unselfish joy for another that we are free of any agenda. The Joy is wishing, choosing Joy for all as we encourage each other to all come out of the murkiness and reach for the Sun Light calling. This piece is 23″ not including the citrine crystals and Quartz with iron ore creating an abundance of joy with citrine and quartz points.