Metatron’s Cube Mandala


Metatron’s Cube Mandala with Amethyst and Pink Quartz Points

Metatron’s Cube Joy Enhancer Mandala’s are each individually designed with their own unique combination of crystals. If you would like to specify the crystals from citrines to tourmaline we can certainly look at that. My Joy is bringing art to Pause In Joy that amps up the Joy in all of our life’s. This beautiful Mandala is 23″ without the three hanging crystal points of stunning #amythest while the two on either side are #rosequartz points.

Metatron’s Cube is as old as time and space itself bringing the fabric of the Universe and Source as a geometric fabric in form. All of life comes out of this sacred geometry as well as the Platonic solids, life, elements and the building blocks of all that is and beyond. Patti is especially connected to Metatron’s Cube as the guiding force of her joy, life and consciousness.

The Joy of connecting to these ancient symbols as artistic expressions all made here in Los Angeles with the highest quality crystals from around the world straight from the mines.

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Dimensions 38 x 23 x 0.5 in