Magical Odyssey Candle


The alchemy of each candle was developed in accordance to an experience igniting the fire ceremony of the three Votives for our community. The specific blends, proportions and lasting fragrance all lovingly alchemized down to the launch of our new glass container as the 4 x 4 x 4 cube. Patti knew the geometry of the glass was a key element as the sacred 444 would transmute from a candle to a vase or succulent planter spending a year to find the perfect container for your intentions. The prayer card that accompanies each candle is part of your intention setting and votive ceremony when you ask, you receive, when you ask you gain clarity and when you ask, you recognize the humility of asking for help,

The great mysteries of three worlds converge in this candle from the divine, the human and the elemental all polarizing your intention to inform the formless to form. Your relationship to matter matters as the intention is the breath of the idea, the notion, the creation and the formation.

Odyssey is the commitment or even re-commitment to your pilgrimage which unearths your path of least resistance. The determined primal musk notes propel you to what you need to do when you need to do it and invokes the magnetism to turn you on your odyssey. The sacred tobacco notes are the offering that makes the impossible possible once more as the venture into the adventure is ignited and the journey begins.

The coconut wax blend massage candle is lovingly hand poured here in Los Angeles. We use premium eco-friendly coconut wax and completely sustainable with  zero forest destruction. The candle is petroleum free and all wax wicks are lead-free made with 100% cotton. There are no artificial dyes or colorants resulting in considerably longer burn times. The candle has doubled in size from our previous Odyssey candle and is now 20 oz of pure Reiki intention setting magic.


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Weight 20 lbs
20 oz