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Reiki I students know when they are ready to advance to Reiki II as the past begins to significantly amplify  as clear blockages and obstacles to your future advancement. Students refer to this level as the #gamechanger. It is for students wishing to forge a deeper connection to this powerful energy by clearing past/present/future fears and limitations and connect to their own inner listener, guidance and live a full rich abundant life. This immense commitment to to clear, heal and accept the past as well as honoring each yearly landmark of being you shifts consciousness through its participation as you are volunteering to dig up the caveats.

All moments, or events in your story good, bad, celebratory or painful are opportunities for tribute, clear and balance books. Healing and clear unresolved aspects, dissolve old behaviors through a deep sense of knowing clears out and lets go of present fear programs replacing them with self-worth and a deeper sense of self.  This level is for those wishing to create a deeper connection with the spiritual conscious energy and trust the unknown unfoldment of your life’s journey with a clearer intuitive connection.

As this level is practitioner level, Patti believes to heal yourself, or others one must start cleaning your own house or unresolved issues will only manifest in your life forcing you to resolve. Reiki II unveils an awareness that has no room for blame, or excuses but identifies addictions, emotional tranquilizers and all personal distractions that have impeded your evolution to your personal greatness. Either way, you can volunteer or be forced to clear and clean triggers, unawareness, behaviors as the consciousness has a bad habit to send you situations or people that force the realization. Patti prefers to volunteer but appreciates that some do not want to be shown the way and would rather learn through life’s struggle, pain and eventual chaos.

Students receive three distinct gateways of energy allowing more elements in the alchemy of energetic transformation. This is a complete reboot of the psyche, the subconscious operating system, training of the ego and the unification that ego with the higher self. The ancients spoke of such a process but there have been few paths that actually facilitates this level of pasts, present and future transformation on all planes of existence. The acceptance of who you were ultimately rediscovers who you are with the potential to unveil who you always knew and wanted to be.

To those wishing to retake class as a refresher who have participated in this class at Pause in Joy before please choose from the dropdown “refresher.”


Subconscious becomes conscious forging a alliance to reestablish trust, abundance mentality and authentic living.
Awareness of emotional tranquilizers while committing to dissolve, clear and recalibrate new subconscious visioneering.
The sacred attuning to expand connection your connection further while increasing your ability to channel energy effectively.
Giving and receiving an emotional treatments using the new technique to connect to your Reiki faster with specific focus intent.
Experiencing and connecting to three distinct forms of energy through gateways while ultimately developing intuitive abilities.
Committing to sending energy through time and space while anointing every year of your life.
Deepening your Meditation Practice using technique to clear the clutter of your mind and train the ego to heel.
Sending distance Reiki to two designated recipients using proxy items.
Planning and implementing sending Reiki back to every year in your life for 30 days (Must Journal)
Learning Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Reiki to clear and cleanse sending Reiki back and collapse aspects as they surface.

Certification presented at completion of Life Mapping with Reiki.

Class duration is 2 days 10am – 4pm. Investment $925, includes all reading material and vegetarian lunch. This level of attunement is only available to students attuned to Reiki I at Pause in Joy. Any students interested from another lineage must begin from the Pause in Joy foundations.

Please check Events Calendar for class schedule. If any of the events dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.

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Initial Attunement, Refresher Class